Is there any safe way to haul through 0.4 sec?

Yes there are.
Here are a few exemples, straight from the O.P. This is how she felt while playing the game:

That’s Duress.

Lead to an ambush … that’s low.

That’s scary.

Both hands tied behind your back.

When someone doesn’t let you leave that’s Kidnapping.
I didn’t write all that. The OP did, based on what she felt happen.
Yes, it’s a game. I like to play it. I’m not out to advocate for any change. Have never been political or activist for anything. I have no time for nonsense.
I simply notice and take note for futurereference.
That’s all.

You wouldn’t be the only one. But again, a lot of corporations offer reduced taxes, generally bringing the unpalatable NPC’s 10% down to 5.

I have. That’s why he’s correct in calling it

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Oh my sweet summer child.

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Jesus how much can you cry about a video game? How do you even get out of your house if you’re throwing terms like “abuse” and “theft” so liberally? Sounds like playing the game is pure suffering to you, maybe find something else to do in your spare time.

EDIT: And if, as you say, you do enjoy the game, stop validating new players’ victim complex.


Ok, troll. Your yearning for attention has been noticed. But this is all you’ll get I’m afraid :smile:

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Dude your character is literally 2 days old. Nobody is trolling you, I’m just saying if you manage to stay with the game (doubtful given your attitude), you will look back and laugh at your indignation at anything costing an entire whopping 2 mil.


Looks like you didn’t have to pay for textbooks required for studies in RL … The less I understood, the more expensive they got :wink:
Let’s start with the cheaper skills, usually you won’t finish your skill queue within days.

I thought this thread was about EVE, not real life.:kissing_smiling_eyes:
( I always blow a kiss when someone winks at me :blush: )
That’s right, I didn’t have to pay for textbooks or even college. That’s part of the benefits of living in a civilized country.

I used the 2,000,000isk in reference to the Small Railgun Specialization. I see now that some are sold for as low as 1.6mil in Caslemon III.
I ignore why you mention skill queue duration.

To you it is. I understand that. You’re probably so rich in game that you’ve run out of things to do.
Everything is relative, no?
My fortune in the game is a few hundred thousand. I just started. 2mil is a lot to me. It will take time to get that skillbook. I’m not at my puter 24/7.
But I understand that, to you, those are my problems. It’s fair. I’m not asking for a handout.
I respect your opinion that 2mil is spare change. That’s your reality. I can’t argue with reality.
But at least respect my position, my reality. It’s just as real as yours and in my reality, 2mil is expensive.

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I understand that if you’re just starting out, 2 million can feel like a lot.

It’s hard to tell on these forums how long people have been playing, as character age isn’t visible except with 3rd party tools (which could’ve told me you’ve only been playing two days on this character) and character age means nothing as certain people keep posting on newly made alts on these forums for some reason.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s rare to see people call a 2 million skillbook ‘theft’ in all seriousness.

Usually the first ‘expensive’ skillbook a newbie encounters in their first few days as it is accessible in all but price to them is the Gas Cloud Harvesting skillbook (30 million ISK), but if you look further than that you’ll find skillbooks like the Caldari Carrier (550 million ISK) or Minmatar Titan (6 billion ISK).

I’ve been playing some years and my wallet is bigger than yours, but those carrier skillbooks aren’t cheap, even for me, and that Titan book would take more than my wallet. (Which I wouldn’t buy if I could, because I don’t see myself make enough ISK to be able to afford a Titan anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: )

When I said that 2 million ISK is spare change for a skillbook, it’s not the size of my wallet that I had as a reference (which unsurprisingly is a bit bigger than that of a new player), it is the price of expensive skill books. 2 million is one of the cheaper books.

Luckily that 2 million is the price of a specialization gunnery skill, which are intended for players who already have basic gunnery skills unlocked and trained, and therefore are a little further into the game than you, by which time you’ll have more ISK. The basic skills (apart from gas harvesting) are generally cheaper than that.


Ah, so we’re talking about gunnery.
Skills you should spend some time for before going T2:

  • Controlled Bursts (100k ISK)
  • Gunnery (30k ISK)
  • Motion Prediction (90k ISK)
  • Rapid Firing (60k ISK)
  • Sharpshooter (100k ISK)
  • Small Energy Turret (30k ISK)
  • Small Hybrid Turret (30k ISK)
  • Small Projectile Turret (30k ISK)
  • Surgical Strike (1,5m ISK)
  • Trajectory Analysis (250k ISK)

Without these skills, T2 weapons will be disappointing.


Well, incidently the college level of Skillbooks are for free (starter set, Career Agents, AIR Career Track). But you are talking about T2 weapons, that’s rather University, and you’ve got to purchase some books like this if you want to work thorougly.

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Really… that’s incredible. Absolutely astounding.

Been talking about skillbook for

Pay attention please.

Specialization skills are for T2 weapons, in case you didn’t know.


Ignorant, proud, entitled, unwilling to learn and chronically passive-aggressive on top. I’m afraid you’re wasting your time trying to educate them.


I’m afraid so too. Won’t stop me though.


If you see below, this allows you to start using T2 weapons, which is also an omega skill i believe according to eve ref, so an alpha clone cannot train it.


I know that. That’s why I’m training it - DUH

I don’t care about that information

DU-uH :roll_eyes:
No, I’m training a skill I don’t know what it does :sweat_smile::rofl: You guys are morons.


So why the attitude with everyone here?

Ccp sets prices on skillbooks, sure 2 mil may seem a lot of isk, as a newb, but the more you delve into the game the more isk you make before you have billions and as mentioned, 2 mil will seem like change.

Also a rule of thumb, dont fly what you cant afford to lose. So if you wanna fly using t2s, if you cant replace it upon a loss, its generally not a good idea. Think of ships as ammo, and soon as you undock you could lose that new shiny ship with mods


So it wasn’t just me.