Is there any special sales offer on game time planned for December?

In December are we getting changes to the wardec mechanics, based on the recent research of how it affects player activity. From a PR point of view would it make sense to combine the release of the patch with a special sales offer on game time and to boost player numbers for the coming holiday season.

Vote yes or no on the idea, and please leave a comment.

  • No.
  • Yes.

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It all depends on the actual changes.

If they only do that structure thing then they should not advertise that; it is a hack overall that while it accomplishes the goal of protecting new player corps, it breaks so much more.

If they do something that is not a hack, that looks more like a newer better feature, then sure.

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Honestly, this will be “skill injectors” 2.0.

A lot of players came back with skill injectors, myself included, because they weren’t permanently stuck behind the curve. For all the hate that some players have for them (lets all take a breath and remember that skill and skill points are different things!), they definitely helped boost those rookie numbers.

I anticipate that with the announcement of wardec changes, some of the salties will come give Eve another try. IF it’s cheap.

A 75% discount on 1 month subs (only 1 month), for example. You might be inclined to say “eeh… I have a bad taste in my mouth… but it’s $3.75… hard to go wrong”.

Then they try it, and decide whether the wardec changes fix what made them leave.


If it’s an imperfect solution that still achieves the goal of protecting ‘carebears’ that potentially boost overall pcu–seems like you already have your answer.

Opportunity to see how interested Pearl Abyss is on promoting gains on their investment.

At EVE Vegas, they talked about a wardec structure “hack” in December followed by more changes in the coming year. I expect some kind of “black Friday” sale so CCP doesn’t feel left out while everybody else has one - but I don’t expect a big surge of subs to come out of it.

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