Is There Any Way to Disable Images on the Launcher? ❌

Seriously, is there any way to disable images on the Launcher? :arrow_down:


If it were up to me there would be a special launcher for people like the OP that only had pictures of ccp falcon regardless of the subject discussed in the article.


People keep getting overly upset by Falcon’s images. I get it tho. Man is a handsome devil. Hard to have his magnificence put right in front of you every time you open the game, and yet so far out of reach.


Thank BoB it’s not up to you. :rofl:

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Wait…it’s not? :open_mouth:
There aint no justice.

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Who said it had anything to do with Falcon? :turkey:

Did your mom not ever cook it well enough for you ?

Well, falcon’s pic is highlighted in your screenshot…

But if you’re wanting to get rid of all the images cluttering up the adcashmaker launcher then I’m with you on that one.

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This :arrow_up: or This :arrow_down:

Best picture if baldie so far. I’m waiting for one with a bucket for all those tears…

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Kind of looks like Falcon is some lame a$$ LARPer casting a fireball. :money_mouth_face:


Yeah, I agree with the OP.

If CCP is trying to replace Guard with Falcon as the new face of Eve, then this game is definitely in trouble.


This shouldn’t be about any person being on the launcher, it should be about ads in general, featured more prominently than the previous launcher, which could display more news / ad items at one time, via a list. A reader could easily click for more info in an updated compact picture + text list format.


dude we are just pulling Falcons chain, personally I’ve never clicked any of ccp ads on the launcher so could care what they advertise.

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all in game avatars would be replaced with his face photo shopped on to all NPC and player avatars

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I dragged my launcher all the way to the far side off the screen so that all that shows is the character selection and clicked refresh on the desktop months ago. The ads and ridiculous pictures were too much. I’m still working on changing the screens in station from the nimrod with glasses to Netflix feed…


Some of you guys have issues…



Some??? We’re playing Eve… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

*A game I can’t seem to outgrow, even after 16 years. :rocket: