Is There Any Way to Disable Images on the Launcher? ❌

I can’t believe I missed this Holiday. :wink:


How in the World is Falcon “ducking out” of Eve Vegas?

How can I not have permission to edit or delete my own post?

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Check your firewall traffic for the images being loaded by the launcher
and block the corresponding top level address(es).

Alternatively, if you have an actually good software firewall …
(in 2019 … just feels weird, tbh)
… then block this program from retrieving certain types, like images.

Or do it on your router, assuming you have one.

Please note that I haven’t used a personal firewall in a decade or so
and can only go by what I’ve been using in the past.
I don’t even remember the name. It wasn’t ZoneAlarm. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The OP was “tongue in cheek” satire at it’s worst. A certain member of the establishment has treated me unkindly in the past (and present). His name shall remain unspoken, like that guy in Harry Potter. :mage:

… Gandalf?

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