Is this a violation of EULA?

  1. If I create a new account through a recruit link of my another account, and use the 1m skill bonus. Then I transfer the character to another new account and repeat this(paying the $20 fee). Is this allowed or will be banned?
  2. If I create a new account through a recruit link of my another account, and use the 1m skill bonus. Then I train the character till 5m(reach the limit of alpha account). Now I transfer the character to a SP farm account whose 3 character are all created like this. Is this legally?

Seems like an odd way of spending money when you dont have too.


don’t bother skill farming it’s not paying for itself and hasn’t been for more than a year

even with MCT for 485 plex a month?

Yes… even MTC is losing isk… at least in the open market… private null-sec contracts can be more liberal with isk.

The plex market does have a cycle and usual drops over the next few months but that also affects prices across the board.

Skill farm and play for free is over… Skill farm and play for less isk is still possible if you want to go that way

Since it look like your trying your hand… the extra mil skill point sounds like a lot but it’s still months of prep before you can farm and trying do that as an alpha account more than double the time

Skill farming is a way to reduce costs of having an additional omega account. There will be plenty of people who are willing to skill farm even when it is unprofitable, as it’s still a cheap way to have additional characters to multibox with. That’s why I doubt skill farming will ever become profitable again for extended periods of time.

So if you want to do this to build a profitable skill farm, I don’t think it’s a good idea.

To answer the question: yes you can recruit link yourself, and can ask to get your characters transferred (for a fee). And yes, I don’t see why those characters cannot all be transfered back to one omega account.

you’d make more isk spending the $20 to buy plex to sell, as people have said, sadly skill point farming is pretty much dead at the moment.

Skill farming isnt dead.
it’s not as profitable as it could be, but it is highly profitable if you’re just looking to farm the injectors to use on main characters. Especially if you’re willing to drop rl cash into the process. the in-game cost is near nothing at that point.

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