Is this okay

is it okay to use eve as an anti-depressant and as a way to be less lonely

No. Seek professional help.

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I mean, people do that kind of thing regardless being EVE or not

But I think with EVE is bad, becaue you are there not producing anything in life while doing clicky grinds

This can actually kill a person if you are doing this instead of doing other things you were supposed to

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Though blunt they are right. Eve is NOT therapeutic and can add stress which is detrimental to depression. Seek professional medical and mental assistance instead. There are numbers in various areas to call for help in your search as well. You’ll need to look them up.


good thing I do other this whilst doing eve like math homework stuff like that

School also does this yet nobody talks about that

School is real life, EVE is not

EVE can stress the hell out of you or make you go completely numb like crack

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