Is this viable for a support ticket?

I lost this Sunesis due to lag (and pointing rats, which I looked up and it never said that they pointed), and all of the valuable cargo was destroyed. Is it possible to get this support ticketed and the items restored to me?

This ship was worth 192 million, and I am extremely mad that 3 months of my work and a good 15% of my net worth disappeared in an instant, and in my own space nonetheless!

I know I’m not supposed to fly what I can’t afford to lose, but I knew exactly what I was doing on this route. I think that a) these rats should NOT point you, because that’s dumb and b) support tickets should really reimburse all of the items not just the ones that didn’t drop, although I see why it has to be like that.

Before all the nonsense about me posting because I’m salty, yes that’s exactly what I am doing no need to point it out o7.

Unlikely. You have below -2.0 sec status, which means you get attacked by security forces in 1.0 systems. Even if they reimbursed your loss, they’d only reimburse the ship and items that didn’t drop as loot.

I looked these rats up specifically before, checking specifically to see if they pointed. I never saw anything about it so I felt safe to take a few volleys on an unlucky long align.

They will always point after a few seconds. First they web you, then shoot, … then point if you are still on grid. Don’t linger on the gate with low sec status, especially in an instawarp Sunesis. Also the KM only shows 70M lost value, maybe your valuable stuff is still somewhere else?

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The killboard’s market values are very messed up. Thuse 34 tags are much closer to 92m in value rather than the 18m suggested in the killmail.

I see. My opinion is, it does not qualify for a support ticket as it was you doing the mistake and not a game bug. Up to you to try with a ticket, but this would be then a kind of begging … even it was an expensive lesson you learned something about the mechanics, and probably won’t do the mistake again (when you may haul multi B around in the later game).


I don’t know what kind of research you did, but faction police definitely does tackle you. Why wouldn’t they?

Looks like someone just learned a valuable lesson about the consequences of being a criminal in high-sec!

Most likely yes.

CCP has a customer retention push going on that started fairly recently, and will likely reimburse all losses as long as they’re not the result of being the aggressive party in PvP. Make sure to voice your disappointment and question your commitment to the game in the support ticket to kick in the CR protocol.

However, they might not reimburse you repeatedly, so you have to decide if the relative pennies you’ve lost are worth one of the reimbursement strikes you get as a freebie.


not sure where you “looked them up” , this site clearly shows they point .

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Yeah uhh, I lost it due to uhm… LAG! That’s it, that damn lag man so totally not my own fault see. It’s eve, and ccp suck right guys hahahaha!



Lags are not a CCP’s fault, that is on you.

But yes they will reimburse you if you put up a support ticket, but only iítems that didn’t drop. It might take them several days to do it though.

He made the lag? WTF?

First time on the internet, Vokan?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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EVE is not lagging. If you get lags it is your own internet connection. For that CCP is not responsible.

Term lagging is also very obscure , it is not always internet connection causing lags, but graphic card/insufficient RAM. And that is your fault again that you have outdated graphic card and low RAMs despite CCP with their latest “improvements” significantly increased the required specs especially when multiboxing.

If the problem was really server side, then it would affects us all, not single particular pilot.

There are however occasional connection losses and that is often EVE’s fault (when it affects just one of the X currently logged in clients it won’t be my connection issue, will it?). But OP didn’t say anything about this.

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I’ll accept this as a viable support ticket when CCP refunds my 4B HAC I lost in the first weeks of Abyssals when my ship turned on it’s side and spun head-over-heels, like a break-dancer on its side, and uncontrollably veered out of the boundaries and lost the ship, mods and my implants.

Until then… NO SOUP FOR YOU!

For you internet sleuths out there, I’ll save you the trouble, it wasn’t this toon.

Yeah, looked it up and I am a bit disdraught.

Yep. That is, of course, the point. I should be very happy that it didn’t happen with one of my 700 million RFMSE runs.

Whups. I guess there wouldn’t be a reason for them not to other than it’s really cancerous.

Yes sir.

That’s actually really encouraging! I hope you are correct. This is my second support ticket, the first one was during the local chat problems. I engaged an empty-looking Breacher on an acceleration gate (there was no one in local) and got dropped on by a Firetail, Slicer, and Dragoon or Coercer (I forget). I successfully got it reimbursed, but I was sad because that Merlin was the one used to get my finest solo kill, an Astero.

I guess I looked in the wrong spots.

This is actually a good point, hard to tell if it was just lag or me aligning to… I don’t know… test out the rats’ damage or something? This should be kept in mind.

That is probably true, unfortunately.

Yes. According to the support ticket rules thing, CCP is only responsible if a socket closed on their end or a node got remapped.

Yes. I do not think it was a server-side issue.

Thanks all for the insight. Maybe I can get back on and start working back that 192 mil :/.

XD wow I must be very bad at this game. 4 years on and only 1.4 billion in assets to my name :/.

For that relatively small amount of cargo I’d use a fast align Gnosis…680 DPS with railguns and 85K EHP. Yet with an align time of only just a little over 2 seconds. I only use my ‘Road Runner’ ultra fast Sunesis for shorter runs to buy ammo or individual items.

For those sorts of things I use the Blitzlicer. Triple T2 Hyperspatials make it go upwards of 9 AU/s with <2s align time. The next steps are the Blitz Dram and the Blitz Pacifier, but those are a long ways off for me.

File a ticket, stranger things have been reimbursed. All it takes is a kind, empathic soul on the other end (and there are plenty gm’s with a kind, empathic soul).

p.s. don’t mention your a) and b) reasons (they’re wrong). The lag is the only viable reason for filing.

What is an “unlucky long align”?

Yes GMs are going wild with the reimbursement. So there is high chance this will get reimbursed.

Personally I have some dignity to not ask for reimbursement everytime I lose stuff even if it is EVE’s fault (like random DC of one of the clients who when dies to npcs because he is outlaw flying in highsec right? or when there was this bug for a few days after one patch where the guns were still activated even though they didn’t blink and so I lost my thrasher and went criminal because I shot station when trying to dock).

But sure, if you have no problem with that, go for it. I am fairly sure you gonna get your lost stuff back (only what didn’t drop though - keep in mind). But it might be one time only event so maybe better to keep it for when you lose something of an actual value :wink: .

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When you’re not paying atterntion or you went/had to go AFK, but you’re not going to admit to that and try to word it in a way as if it wasn’t your fault.