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I am still awaiting confirmation from an ISD moderator on this. I need this in writing. But just like I don’t get any sort of helpful explanation for my shadow ban on one character, or many temporary bans on this one, I am not expecting anything approaching a professional or even responsible answer.

And I will just say now that getting one will hardly make up for the past, but damn, it would be a good start.

If you stop choosing to be a problem, which stems from acknowledging that you ARE a problem, then you won’t have any issues. It’s not rocket science.

I have no idea who the hell you are or why in the world you imagine I am a problem or in what way.

In fact, calling a person a “problem” without a shred of proof or explanation is indicative of YOU being a problem.


BTW the thought of “well I just don’t like you” does not make someone “a problem”. That’s a personal weakness of someone to join the two, and yeah, THAT’S A PROBLEM. :wink: I never was looking for popular appeal and that confuses people…but once again, its THEIR problem not mine.

Your posting is all the proof needed, I can’t wait until this character can mute people again (for some reason that seems to be linked to one’s trust level here). You’d be one of them.

That and

Don’t you think that if you were given several warnings then at some point you have to come to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, you’re doing it wrong?

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Did YOU ever think that maybe, just maybe its harassment?? Believe me, I have tried to figure out what the problem is, but really, if there is a real problem, the person who determined there is a problem COULD just explain it…right…right???

Then quote me. Let the cherry picking and lack of context begin!

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You weren’t shadow banned, it’s just everybody ignores you.


I ask for explanations. Instead I get abuse.

Just another day on the EVE forum. :unamused:

It’s the truth.


Honestly I don’t mind him as a person, I just really hate his naming scheme.

I bet there’s a Ronly Rohan.

I just hope there isn’t a Hodor Mordor.

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Never change, never ever change. Don’t ever believe their gas lighting.

Can I ask, are you fully functioning, do you have a job & long term partner ect?

Your sentence structure is good, which is unusal, I’m amazed.

Do you go to Eve meets if you do I’ll buy you a round?

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I mean I fully understand what you are writing, it makes sense, punctuation, capitals & ect.

But can you answer, I really want to know.

Do you have a full time job, are you self sustaining financially ect?

It’s not hard.

2nly, you also can’t ask about personal info nor post about it here.

That is better left out due to terrorism as well.

If you notice the stress with the questions also directly interferes against my marriage by asking for attention to subject diverting from attacks whether in acts of war of honestly while not understanding how they try to create confusion by diverting from the subject and make false suggestions that they didn’t divert from the fact when it’s also false.

Make an effort it’s not personal info.

Are you in full time care or are you working, financially independent ect?

I’ll give you 1 bn ISK by 10pm eve time if you answer.

Yes, it can be.

This just goes to prove that CCP is not doing anything about bots…

They’re even grinding ISK on the forums now!