Ishkur Drone Tracking Bonus? Why?

I know I am late because these changes already came out… But they changed from drone capacity to tracking speed. Why did they change this? sure, the Ishkur might have had a lot of drones so it was hard to defang, but why did they change it to tracking speed? Light drones have no trouble tracking anything, even other light drones, am I missing something? does anyone know why?

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It effectively keeps the drone capacity bonus. Before it started at 25m3 and added 5m3 per level. Now it just has a 50m3 bay.

The tracking is just bonus.

It’s a pure buff… even if it’s to something that isn’t hugely useful.

@Lena_Crews Yeah I guess it is a buff, but it still doesn’t make much sense :wink:

Look at is this way, when drones shoot drones, they miss each other a lot. Ishkur drones won’t miss anymore.


It gives hobgoblins the ability to effectively kill off warriors which before the tracking buff it could not. Most people will use warriors to defang other peoples light drones because they have the best tracking and also happen to have the smallest signature. Now the ishkur has the advantage in the defang race as they can use the best dps drones with similar tracking to the hardest to hit but worst dps drones.
Still a kinda lame bonus and would have liked seeing maybe a drone speed buff or some such but oh well.


@Ricky_F_Digits I agree all the way on this, it makes it easier to kill warriors… But in a frig 1v1 or a frig fight, you almost never waste time shooting drones. It would be nice for a speed bonus… Or maybe something unique but i’m not sure what

As others have said, it makes the Ishkur’s drones better against other drones. Assault frigate role seems to be to “assault” larger ships. They have a microwarpdrive sig reduction, they have high mobility, they have an assault damage control which lets them survive an onslaught upon approaching a target, and the ishkur now has a drone tracking bonus so now it might be a really good ship for killing larger drone boats.

@elitatwo That makes sense, but I never had trouble hitting drones with ishkur drones. Besides an unwebbed warrior.

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That’s the thing, the ishkur can now kite and still kill off drones without worrying about having to web anything, which opens up a mid for drone speed if necessary or more cap.


Let me just say, if you have never tested hobgoblins with a drone nav for anything pve or pvp…it significantly increased their survivability. I was using one on my pve astero for a while and I barely had a drone take damage its passive shield regen couldn’t negate. Ishkur may turn into a pretty good pve ship with some of these changes as well as a nice hero tackle pvp boat.

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@Makshima_Shogo Ah I see, I don’t kite with this ship so I didn’t get that :stuck_out_tongue:

@Ricky_F_Digits I mainly do PvP so i wouldn’t put a nav for pvp… but it makes sense because it would make it so that the faster the drone goes the worse the tracking, so this helps then.

If you are using one on a PvP fit it also makes your drones that much harder to hit. I can see where something like a cap booster or battery will be more helpful, but never the less until you’ve tried to shoot faction warriors with that much speed and don’t have them webbed you don’t know the level of frustration they will cause!

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@Ricky_F_Digits True, but i mainly do solo, so people rarely shoot at drones…

Shooting drones in a 1v1 can often win you the fight expecially because not many people do it.

@Makshima_Shogo thats thrue but if you don’t focus down the ship you most likely wont tank if you are in a frigate…

Depends what your fighting and if you need the target to die quickly so that you don’t get jumped then yea brawling is king but if you have time and not fighting a Gila/worm its better not to commit to a brawl, neut’s higher drone dps/tracking so on, better to kite them and kill drones :stuck_out_tongue:

@Makshima_Shogo very true

Because it needed to be hit with the nerf bat. Repeatedly…

why would a frigate have a drone tracking bonus is beyond me when a target painter does the job and much more, plus if the bonus tracking is there to shoot other drones there’s little point to that since they don’t provide killmails, no merit on the task.