Ishkur rework - need more defined role

I feel, Ishkur is missing its purpose, thinking about how it can be improved.

Since it only has THREE lowslots now:

  • Replace “Armor Repair Amount 7,5%” bonus with “Decrease Signature Radius 3%” bonus

Drone HP bonus isn’t that good without damage or application bonuses, so how about:

  • Replace “Drones hitpoints 10%” bonus with “Stasis Webifier Drones factor of velocity decrease 10%” bonus!

As the result we will have good utility ship with reasonable survivability (passive fit, low sig, but sloooww) and options either to use damage drone wing or webbing drone wing (50m3 bay). Also, 4th midsloth can be used even to fit Drone Navigation Computer.

What do you think?

CCP is MIA or they are just laughing at u

so you wanna break the line that either a resistance bonus or repair bonus ship ? dont see any reason for this change

its not a drone damage ship ! its a Hybrid weapon ship with larger drone bay and more drone bandwith nothing else which makes it harder to shot your drones

btw … the DPS of an ishkur are 281,9 DPS and the DPS of an Enyo is 315 DPS.
both are fittet for this example without any dmg mods and with max hobgoblin T2 and Light Neutron Blaster with Void

Yes youre limited to fit a damage mod on the ishkur but you have the 4th midslot to compare this and put smething else in there.
the Enyo could be easier fit a damage mod but has less abilitys to have any spare useful med slot modules.

dont think so but most eve players who read the forum lough at you and your stupid ideas :wink:

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