Ishtar or Proteus

Which is better at doing high sec combat sites? Any recommendations in a fit for either? I check eve workbench, but those seem generic and most don’t have explanations. Thank you.

Algos is quite good. Or cormorant. Good features are Cheaper cost and longer range of drones/reils. Also you are allowed for entering more combat sites.

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There are a lot of combat sites which don’t allow T3 cruisers in highsec, so going with the ishtar is probably the way to go.

That said, there is an inbound nerf to drones, so may want to keep that in mind.

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meh, Ira beat me.

I’m pretty sure that you can’t take a T3 into gated sites that allow other cruisers in. So, you’d be able to run a wider range of sites with an ishtar, than you with a proteus.


If it has to be one of the two than Ishtar. Hecate is better in highsec though. You don’t need the strongest ship, you need the fastest. Use a hecate. Do the lo level anomalies while scanning. It’s the best setup.

Here’s a video about it:

Edit: The ishtar would still be useful if you get a 5/10, the hecate can do pretty much anything else


just use the king of tech 1 cruisers. Gila… It’s even the king of the abyss. If you want a ship that can clear 1/10 to 4/10. Speed tank astero is enough.

Gila is very slow compared to any other ship more specialized for the task. With drone aggro change incoming it will be even slower.

Its not a huge nerf. The only ‘nerf’ is you’ll have to target the enemy and push a damn button. Oh no.

Yeah, the Gila is going to be like 3 seconds slower than it used to be… the whole 3 seconds to lock onto the first target and push the hot key to have the drones attack.

You need to target each rat and press button. Angel 3/10 has around 100 frigates to take out. For better results you should also split drones on individual targets. way more ticks and delays than any turret or missile based ship. not to mention that 80% of your dps is from only 2 drones. most of enemies are frigates and you don’t need that alpha. Much faster is having more guns, drones, missiles etc. just to clear tall that small targets fast.

Gila is easy and can make most of hisec content with just one fit. But it is not fast or efficient ship for the job.

You will have blapped 30 frigates in a Hecate before targeting the tenth in a Gila. Gila is great but you lose efficiency on targeting time, align time, warp speed, drone travel time and missile reloading. It’s only actually better when it’s necessary. Kind of like using a battleship in a lvl 3 mission. sure it absolutely slays them but it’s inefficient.


No, gila for everything!!! Gila for life!!!

Well, I guess it does make sense for alphas to use the Gila for everything because they might have hit the skill limit, but I’ve also seen older omegas throw the gila at everything. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great ship. But there are plenty of other great ships out there, and some might even be better suited for the task at hand.


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