Looking for ideas for Cruiser fits for PVE high sec Anom and DED hunting

Hi there

Long time player, but not exactly the most active this last decade and figured Id get back in to the swing of it with some good old anomalies and ded hunting. Now for that I need a decent ship.

I got 5/5 skills for Amarr and Galente HAC, and pretty decent skills for things like a Gila as well, but want something preferably that not necessarily requires me to constantly run back to stock up on bulky ammo which leaves me with drones n lasers (pew pew). Made a very tanky (perhaps too tanky) Sacrilege with is “ok”, but the constant faff of having to restock, and the missile travel time, is getting to me.

Goal here is DED hunting with a cruiser to be able to scan down and do the 3-4/10 DED in Minmitar space for Angels, so pref focus on Kinetic and Explosive resists (unless they changed that?).

As for ships that leaves me something like the Ishtar or Zealot? While perhaps not neccesary to always use the missiles I guess the good ol Gila could be a strong contender, fitted with some spare light missile launchers that is sparingly used for extra pesky things? Is the Stratios any decent for this?

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I think you can safely exclude zealot since it doesnt have utility high.

Use an Ishtar.

It can easily tank anything HighSec can throw at you, the Drones are able to bring down anything that you might face in these anos and the Highslots enable you to either use utility (Tractor, Salvage, Probe Launcher) or get additional drone range (Link Augmentors). You can also freely decide to brawl (Heavies) or Snipe (Sentries). Not needing any ammo at all.

If you frequently want to venture into HighSec Islands via Lowsec shortcuts, a Stratios will also do the job, but not nearly as efficient.

To be honest, the go-to route would be a Proteus Strategic Cruiser, which would offer you basically everything you need, from fast travel over covert abilities to Drones as non-ammo weapon system with free choice of damage and range. If you already have most of the supporting skills, just training the Subsystems and the Strategic Cruiser skill won’t take that long.

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Except proteus doesnt fit inside 3-4/10.

Well, then the Ishtar for these and the Proteus for anything else it can do. Nothing wrong having two ships at the base and chosing one for the daytrip.


You will notice a lot of orthrus with auto targeting heavy missiles . There is a reason for that : those are very very good and don’t require any input pas the initial activation. Any slow acting ship will do nothing in the sites. The time to lock, the time for drones to move, human reaction time, will make their paper DPS divided by 4 compared to you.
Doing a refuge in 30s is normal in those fits.

You should consider making them apply 100% to the frigate, still, and have a minimum passive tank to not be alpha’d by nades - or killed by the rats.

Don’t forget to align as soon as you land, already helped me escape a few gank squads.
And don’t land at 0.

Yeah, I mean I used to do just regular non scannable anoms with a jackdaw back in the day, but for DED and scannables there is often a targeted mob you want to hit/not want to hit to trigger next wave, making auto missiles a drawback. And then we are also back to the whole “not need to resupply all the time” issue that I currently have with my Sacrelige

I guess I’ll opt for an Ishtar. Luckily my drone skills are pretty decent. Just need to hack together a decent fit for Angel space now :smiley:

Then you use faction missile ? You do that while approaching the previous acceleration gate.

I did not have to resupply all the time. I could do like 100 anomalies without resupplying.
Remember that the highest your applied damage, the lowest your consumption of ammo per site.
With good skills (and fit) you only need 80 missiles per site, on average - so yes 100 anoms to resupply.

That won’t work, for … reasons.
Get a marauder instead.

Like my first post said…" scan down and do the 3-4/10 DED in Minmitar space for Angels"…and you want me to bring a marauder…for hunting anoms…in high sec? I mean I CAN already pull it off with the sacrelige, like stated, but running back and ressuply and the missile travel time is what is making me looking for better alternatives.

While your Orthus has what looks like bonuses that would mitigate the missile travel time, you still need to go get more missiles.

No. A marauder for the ded5.

The time and money it takes to get them every 3H or so is worth it.
You need to get a LOT less missiles than a bad fit.

I spent years doing DED 3/4 in Angel space and my go to ship was, indeed, the Sacrilege. I tried just about everything else but always came back to the Sac. Those natural resists to Exp and Kin just make life so straight forward - just go shield tank with a decent blue faction repper and a Gistum Invuln and you are gold. Damage Control in the lows - don’t bother with ADC, it’s not needed and the basic DC gives more resists - and a rack of damage mods. Javelins reach quite a distance for clearing rooms and a rack of light drones can be let loose to work in the background killing frigates.

You only really need explosive missiles so I used to do a run to Hek with a hauler once in a blue moon and fill up with a couple hundred thousand at my base station. I would 3/4 fill my cargo with ammo and it would easily last a session. To save missiles when clearing rooms make sure your weapons are not stacked and allocate one launcher per frigate, only firing multiple launchers on cruiser and up. You get used to how many launchers to use on each ship type over time.

The other advantage I found with the Sacrilege is because of the tank on it I could just MWD to the last named in 4/10, burn it, loot it and either warp out or sit there and clear the rats for bounties if I wanted. This means that you also have the option of ninja’ing the loot from the wreck if there is a contested battle for the named loot. Most other site runners I came across had to be wary of the incoming damage in the last room and can’t blitz to the named. They tend to stay at range and snipe it, giving you the option to review the loot and decide whether or not to yoink it and run. After all, site runners don’t tend to waste a mid slot with tackle!!

As an aside, I moved to Amarr space and use a Zealot now to do the same. Even though it has no utility slot I go with one turret less and carry a Depot and spare turret in the hold. When I find a 4/10 or get an escalation I refit to run it. Everything else in Amarr melts under laser fire and 4 turrets is more than enough. Vagabond also works in Amarr - repping bonus and natural EM and Thermal resists is good but you don’t half burn through projectile ammo.


if you are looting as you go you might also considering something with autocannons/artillery as you are fighting angels they can drop projectile ammo which is what your weapons use which can some what mitagte resupply and is instant application so no worrying about flight time with missles.