Isk->plex->store->isk(profit?) calculator

I’ve been wondering how profitable it might be to buy plex with Isk, use the plex in the new Eden store, and sell the items back in-game for Isk profit, rinse and repeat.

There are so many items available in the new Eden store, running the calculations by hand or with a spreadsheet could be a bit time-consuming. So, some sort of app would be necessary.

What I really want to know is if someone has already made such an app, before I go re-invent a wheel.

I’m sure someone has a spreadsheet that does API fetching and gets market data to check the profitability, but they’re probably not going to be sharing it with you for free

I’ll pay. Who offers the service?

If it were shared around like that, even at a buy in, it would quickly become worthless as too many people try to cash in on too few opportunities- Crashing the value and ruining the ability of the original creator of the spreadsheet to make money off his hard work.

Ok so hypothetically you just use Excel to make a spreadsheet of market data?

And manually fill and update all the NES prices? Or is there an ESI endpoint for that? AFAIK not…

You would need to automate API fetching. But in theory, yes. Pull data, plug it into a formula and see expected profit