ISK to SSC Bond Conversion

all money in the game is traced, however i think it would be good if you could have an option in your wallet (personal only) to convert X Amount of ISK into Bonds.

it might open up ways players can offer to pay each other for jobs in game. I think it would be cool, you could put some ISK aside as part of a rainy day fund. or save up your bonds over time for a larger purchase.

How is this different from purchasing plex?

Well, the PLEX price goes up and down, depending on the market so it is not guaranteed that you will get the same amount of ISK out of them that you put into them.

However, one could buy simply Items that have NPC buyorder prices, like blue- or redloot. Put a BuyOrder that it 1 ISK above that of the NPCs in CONCORD/DED stations and you will get them pretty quickly from other players. Unless the game is changed, you will get the same amount of ISK out of them (minus sale tax, but every conversion has a price) when selling them back to the NPCs. In the meantime you can trade them untracable to whoever you like.

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there is a criminal community within the game, it would be good for players to be able to interact with them and offer untraceable secure cash bonds as payment especially if you’re in a larger group which handles API better and watches all your contract and wallet transactions.

i disagree, untraceable isk or cash bonds could be exploited for RMT…


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It’s not untraceble for CCP, if I get the OP right, he wants it to be untraceble for API checkups from corp/alliance.

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that’s exactly right.

but also perhaps i just want to put some aside for a rainy day so i can blow my isk on a fancy ship, keep a next egg behind me.

maybe we could see the return of the war chest where bonds are stored in an alliance’s capital

maybe I want to do shady dealings with people in game and need to pay them some how, just saying that as an item in game, it creates a new way for players to trade and interact with each other. the criminal element in the game then genuinely feels more criminal, getting paid a bag full of money (bonds) would be pretty awesome.

Oh, why didn’t he just say that then.

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