Isnt it finally time to NERF Incursions?

(Frostys Virpio) #163

If 2 fleet enter a site together, only one will get a payout while the site will be completed that much faster since there is so much DPS in the site. If you enter a site while a bad of low skill/poor ship is running it, you will beat them on the trigger for payout while they help you, willingly or not by dealing with some of the NPC. TCRC sites for example are awarded to the fleet who did the most damage to the tower IIRC so the lower skill/ship will never win even if their DPS does help down the tower faster.

(yellow parasol) #164

so it’s… unfair?

(Frostys Virpio) #165

Where did you get the idea I though it was unfair?

(yellow parasol) #166

Because noobs can’t compete.


no. sorry. i’m busy. i’ll expand on that. noobs have nothing to do with it per se. i got to think this through.

it feels wrong.

why isn’t the site closed, and everyone made suspect?

(Frostys Virpio) #167

They can warp out and work on a different site. The high-end team has more to lose if they constantly follow the low end group through some Benny Hill site running. If you always run out and the high-end fleet follow you to contest you instead of finishing the site, their income drop to the same 0isk/hours as yours would be if you lost all contest.

Nobody would run them if you could just warp a fleet in and they all somewhat become acceptable PvP target.

(Dom Arkaral) #168

You underestimate the amount of people that wouldn’t care lol

(Onictus) #169

Noobs don’t have to compete.

Sites aren’t often contested because its a cluster. The first fleet has the option to overheat and try to stomp the late comer. On a site like a TCRC that is an issue because of the tower and the spawns. If the first fleet of noobs clear the points and bails, the fleet left has a hell of a mess in the agro department, it splits all over the place and you work 4-5 logi holding one properly built battleship up with full agro.

When that gets spilt up it takes it becomes a real mess.

Even then a credible force of T2 Rohks and Hypes (if doing shields) with the proper boosts and logi should be able to do most HQs…if a little slowly.

The other thing being that on the tower bashes, once you are about 75% into the tower its basically impossible to contest.

(Frostys Virpio) #170

There is the edge case of MTAC shenanigan but that’s a pretty small edge case and you are probably better off running a TPPH than wasting time trying to game a nearly cleared TCRC for a contest payout.

(yellow parasol) #171

thanks for the insights!

i assume there’s no way of setting up a fleet of bumping machariels, capable of tanking Sansha’s, to deal with “opponents”?

(Dom Arkaral) #172

You only need logi and a couple of Machs :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m sure that’s manageable

(yellow parasol) #173

I think so too, but i don’t know how to balance armor/mass/resists, not to get popped by the sansha fleet. i guess someone tried this already and didn’t succeed, or sadly deemed it not worth it? actual, no nonsense responses appreciated.

(Dom Arkaral) #174

You only need so much buffer,
Maybe testing on SISI will tell you what comp you need

(Frostys Virpio) #175

It’s less effort to find/scan/bump/gank a freighter than it is to find/scan/bump/gank an incursion boat. That mean that people doing it for profit will go with the freighter. The people did it purely for lulz will also take the freighter because the lulz were easier to get. A lot of incursion gank turned bad because there is more involved than other form of ganks. Your target is likely to get reps, your ships might draw aggro from a lot of NPC way before CONCORD would land, your action will trigger MANY more crime watch 2.0 flags which can cause TiDi, your payout can easily be made 0 if the fleet only lose one ship and mange to still maintain control of the site after CONCORD finish you off.

You could do it to “send a message” but anyone you target with that message won’t listen anyway.

(Nou Mene) #176

Incursions does not generate inflation…

(yellow parasol) #177

Why do you jump to conclusions? Curious, which word was it, that triggered you into writing this?

There’s no need to gank, and ■■■■ all those people who only care about making money. it’s a ■■■■■■■ game, meant to be played for the sake of playing, not to feed primitive people’s lower instincts. they’re on the same level as carebears, who have nothing inside besides the character they’ve created in a videogame. the ■■■■■■■ same. empty shells.

the vast majority of people around here are ■■■■■■■ boring, uncreative, unimaginative, apathetic sheep only capable of looking for the next green field of grass to eat and ■■■■ on. even the so called “antagonists” are nothing but self serving, delusional egomaniacs who can’t see beyond their stupid noses anymore; not counting Cannibal Kane.

There’s no need to gank and finding incursioneers is damn ■■■■■■■ easy, because we all know where they are. holy bob, why can people not shut up and think before they start posting? Why do people jump into bait threads? Why is everyone so degenerated? What the ■■■■ happened to this game??

■■■■■■■ idiocracy.

(March rabbit) #178

I think you got it totally wrong. Frostys just described relation between ganks and incursions and gave reasons why gankers do not touch incursion runners.

It’s just button “reply to” missed the target as it seems.

(Frostys Virpio) #179

That part I though was about how o manage a gank fleet against incursion so I explained why it does not get done all that often. If that’s not what you meant, then my bad but I’m curious what was deemed “not worth it” in this case. Are you expecting people to use bumping Mach to counter a contest or something else even more odd?

(Onictus) #180

You don’t nearly clear a TCRC, you get the big scary stuff off the field and go straight to the tower.

(yellow parasol) #181

First… sorry for my ranting, it has nothing to do with you directly. Despite deliberately reducing my forum activity, it’s increasingly frustrating to keep reading the same things covered in different words.

You pretty much nailed it, though it’s not actually necessarily about contesting, but about “antagonizing”. The primary drive behind my questions was curiosity. The criminal community of highsec is, apparently, suffering the same fate as the rest of the game. Lack of creativity, motivation, delusions of grandeur (people openly say that suicide ganking is healthy; that really pissed me off), and way too much wealth and greed.

Yes, bump the everliving ■■■■ (please excuse my gallentean) out of them. The only thing that hurts those, who can shrug off losses, is denying them the ability to make money. My rationale behind it is simple:

Big ships have ■■■■ tracking. Even if it’s not possible to bump logis out of range, it is always possible to bump slowass battleships, ruining their tracking and thus reducing the dps. Even better, bumping the battleships apart can cause a situation where logi pilots have issues covering them all, forcing fleet members to warp off. Reduced dps/fleetmembers means it’ll take longer for them to get money. No ganks. No destruction. Denial of income! Do that for a day and they will post. Do it for a week and they will scream bloody murder.

I don’t write this, because i hate incursioneers. I write this, because i hate the status quo and because apparently no one feels responsible for the game anymore. Yes, it is the people’s responsibility to care about society. When they hand that responsibility to politicians, or CCP in our case, it always ends in a desaster. Antagonism is a necessary part of the balance in highsec, and that balance isn’t being maintained at all. Not by CCP and, worse, not by the players who could force CCP to pay attention to them.

I “grew” into EVE ONLINE learning that the players control this game, and that CCP has to follow through (within reason, ofc). It’s great marketing, too! Now, the status quo, is the absolute opposite. We have too many people on both sides thinking waaayyy too high of their uninformed, uneducated, knee jerk opinions. They’re so well fed and comfortable with their existence, it’s borderline offensive to me. It’s the equivalent of people expressing anger about politicians in newspapers. Not only is it worthless, it spreads apathy. The only things that matter are the things that happen in the game and the more people are getting affected by these things, the ■■■■■■■ better for all of us!

(Anyone now mentioning freighter ganking is a filthy, clueless baseliner)

Tldr, circling back to the topic: nerf incursions yourselves, lads! You have the power to do so! Those who share that interest have the option to do it! It doesn’t matter what CCP, or ■■■■■■■ anyone thinks, unless you break the ToS/EULA! It’s your game, your society, you are responsible for it and it’s damn ■■■■■■■ time people start remembering that!

It’s what made EVE great!

Good night, good fight.

(CowQueen MMXII) #182

I agree. There has been a cultural shift in (almost) all areas of the game. People often don’t log in anymore to do things, they log in when there are things to do: arranged fights, public fleets, ping tools, ‘The Agency’ timers, structure timers…
Even activities like WH-space PvP degenerated in large parts from exciting skirmishes between equal minded groups and the occasional capital farming fleet gank (that could easily escalate) to mostly ganking ratting ships in Null. Simply because you need less manpower to start with and the content density is higher.