iStart2Finish Bounty


Recently Origin. corporation parted ways with pilot iStart2Finish. This pilot is a extremely toxic and appears to have mental deficiencies. He would jump into conversations all day and talk about himself, brag about himself. Some of the more notable things he said is that he likes to f*** his buddies wives when they are not around. He claimed to be a military vet, but he said a lot of tall tales so I am not too sure how much is true. On his way out of the corp he threatened to kill me at EVE Vegas, once he found out I was going.

I am placing a 50b bounty on his head if you can kill him in a joocy ship. If you are a corp recruiter reading this, do not for the sake of your corp and sanity recruit this man.

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hello, confirming i am 50% of this bounty payment ok

He touched me inappropriately once on fleet

I hope you reported this to CCP so they can send the police over to him.


He said he’ll send a hitman to me if i said anything to irl police so im counting on CCP to deal with this threatening issue im scared

On the other hand if you guys are full of shite and just making this up they hopefully send them to you.

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50bil bounty? And this will be held by a trusted third party right?

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If this is a legit RL death threat, then please take it seriously. Report him to CCP. Don’t mess around with this like it’s nothing. Tagging some staff to help get this sorted just in case.

Only logs I have are out of game and CCP has never been keen to look at those. Several of these things were also said on teamspeak. So if I have definitive proof of the actual threat I don’t know. I do have him saying “Amrastion is going to Vegas, oh good”, he also messaged other people about me going. I’m not worried about my well being, I am going to Vegas with fairly sized group of people. Though I just wanted to let everyone know this man is crazy and to stay away. Im not sure there is much CCP can do and why I didn’t petitions anything.

Also for what it’s worth, the month or so he was in corp, he drank heavily so I’m not even sure he was aware what he was doing. He doesn’t k ow any of my rl info so I am not worried about that but just don’t want this kind of scumbag in other corporations.

Regardless if he is aware of his behavior or not he is still responsible for his actions. Death threats are a very serious matter, in-game or not and should be reported asap.

I’ve reported it to Customer Service.


CCP can ban people using program and/or service if it affects eve. Even without solid proof.

For more information, go to:


Nah this guy is a lunatic. He’d come up with idiotic fleet comps and constantly message all of our alliances CEOs about incorporating them into our doctrines and get mad when people ignored him or shut him down.

He’d regularly come into teamspeak mid fleet and start talking over people, and when FCs would tell him to shut up he’d resort to screaming profanities at us. I had to ban him from teamspeak a couple of days ago, which is when all of the above happened ^

As I said in my previous post, the matter of the death threats have been brought to Customer Service’s attention and is pending an investigation, no further information will be disclosed about the issue. It is now up to CCP to come to a decision after investigation has been concluded.

You’re still eligible to place a bounty on his “head” (the character). Just keep RL out of it :slight_smile: