It is possible to left militia while in space AND in fight?

18:00:55 Combat Warp disruption attempt from you to Tayra <VAULT>[S-4U] Kaden Erkkinen

I am at disruption range and target is disrupted

18:00:59 Notify TFS Victory is too far away to use your Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler on, it needs to be closer than 7 500 meters.

I am out of scramble range and target is disrupted but not scrambled

18:01:00 Combat Your group of Light Neutron Blaster II misses Kaden Erkkinen completely - Light Neutron Blaster II
18:01:02 Combat Your group of Light Neutron Blaster II misses Kaden Erkkinen completely - Light Neutron Blaster II

gun misses it happens

18:01:04 Notify Cannot activate Warp Disruptor II on Kaden Erkkinen: This action would make you a Criminal, and your safeties are engaged.

my disruptor is automatically disabled as my safety is green and target “magically” left in space while under attack in space

at this moment the guy is no longer a wt for me, i am in hi sec and he can escape like that …

Is this really what is expected?

That’s not what I expected, I thought you had to be docked to drop FW flag

i´m sure this should not work for FW … but it could happen if youre at HS war and you catch a target right a few seconds beefore the war is over

can also be happen if youre only a troll and used a second char which is not in militia

i´m also not sure if there is a notification if youre saftey is not red and you wanna activate a module oO

EDIT: i just tryed it and there is no notification if you cant gank !
so Troll Post detected :wink:

You probably disabled the warning.

no ! i activated all warnings on my log and there is no notification !

This seems more like a bug – you should get a limited engagement timer on him for 5 mins once you aggro on him, regardless of war target or suspect timer, to prevent these sort of situations from happening mid-fight.

Probably something that should get elevated to a GM to gather the logs and info from that situation.

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Second time today, a wt jump at gate.
i am behind waiting … when guy see me he left militia while at gate and cloalk

(requirement : personaly enlisted in fw, not in a corp or an allliance enlisted in fw)
open character sheet
left and botton you have your corp icon and faction icon
if you click on faction icon, fw screen appears even in space then you can retire in space, anywhere and in any circonstances, even while in fight

fix that thx

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