It is possible to max out an alpha clone?

im new here but i read that you can only train 20.5m sp with an alpha clone, the question is , those 20.5m can max all alpha abilities or only a portion of it ? .sorry if the question was asked before.

5 million sp as alpha clone, the rest can only be had through omega training, or injectors. The 20.5 is what you can have access to as an alpha once those skills are trained.

but with those 20.5m can max out all of my alpha skills ?

20.5m sp applied to the skills that can be accessed by an alpha would make a maxed out alpha.

Alpha is a poor man’s demo version, that will allow you to perfrom equally poor in pretty much every highsec activity possible.
Even maxed alpha is still about 60% output at best of what can you really do.
Pros: Can use it to earn PLEX
Cons: Can’t do ■■■■ compared to omega, time better spent earning RL cash to buy a sub.

I think you’re sort of looking at it backwards, if your question is “Is 20.5 million SP enough to max out an Alpha Clone?”.

As I understand it, there is a specific set of skills that Alpha clones can use while in Alpha state. If you add up all the SP it takes to train each of those skills, it comes to roughly 20.5 million SP. So it isn’t a question that they set an SP limit and you have to fit your Alpha skills into that… the limit IS the total for all Alpha skills.

Thus your answer is: Yes, you can max an Alpha clone. You can train up to 5 million SP normally (a little less actually in general, since it won’t let you start any skill that takes it over 5 mill). Then you can train the rest of the Alpha skills using Omega time, Daily injectors, or regular injectors.

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Even with 20.5 million SP as an Alpha, you still can’t do even half of what an Omega toon can…

Even with half that sp you can have amazing fun in pvp tho…

Even with 100 million SP some people never do what alpha can do with 5 millions. :smirk:


Such as?

Destroying other ships in PvP for example. Being a part of null sec alliance, a lot of things.

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But that’s the player being a coward issue this is more of a skill point debate

Now if he meant maxing those alpha skills as in get them all to lvl5 unfortunately alphas are hardcaped at some levels so you can’t out skill in points an omega

Skill points debate without talking about what all this SP mean actually for fun?

Is like talking about cooking and staying on the subject of what you can get for 5 bucks in the shop.

Not much anyone would know about actual cooking, but he could buy an instant ramen soup.

Players play how they want
That’s the whole point of the sandbox…


As for OP question, it was already answered, maxed skillset for alpha:

…so I will go a bit further and add some spice to this thread.

For new players the best stuff is to not watch SP much, not trying to be super efficient. More important is finding ways to enjoy it.

There is a lot of stuff Alpha can do even without maxed character.

And a lot of links:

There is a lot of stuff to try out. :sunglasses:


I think also that this applies to a previously Omega character now playing as Alpha. What skills do I still have available in Alpha state.

Or better yet, killing all those in null sec alliances :rofl:

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