It’s happening

It’s slowly happening. I have my three mining toons. Mining mains. I had promised myself this was going to be it. As I’m getting closer to Rorqual on my main and exhumers just finished I found myself actively searching the character bazaar for a 4th… a 5th… actually mathing out the APM needed to manage a mining fleet of 4 hulks and a rorqual. Seeing the nerfs to solo rorqual mining and the buffs to boosting… justification for more exhumer alts. Cheaper skilling into exhumers… Justification.

It may happen soon.

Yes, do that. Please. My bomber buddies will be delighted to see more exhumer mining alt swarms in null sec. :joy:


And my response fleet will love seeing bombers to tackle!

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With the recent nerf to rorqs, it seems like you missed the gravy train.

Yup better pack it in. Shut it down. No more mining. Instead of making 12b a month I’ll only make 10. Not worth it. Shut. It. Down. Eve is kill.

The anger I get from my mining friends is that they go pop very quickly now. Which in and of itself feels disappointing.

I’d rather see them not have a panic, and instead have their old 3 asb tanks. That way a response fleet can’t just chill and say “relax, we’ve got X minutes until they can even shoot him”. The pilot can tank a solid fleet, but eventually he’ll break if he doesn’t get help.

Now, you look at them sideways and they go into hull. Which just feels like a cheap thrill for the attackers and a disappointing welp for the rorqual pilot.





ccp needs to buff the tank on mining ships

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