Item watchlist Widget


Had to take drugs the other day. Since the login drugs can not be stored in cargo that ■■■■ is a pain in the arse.
Choosing to right drug and time should be the hardest part of drugs, not going though multiple UI windows to take both pyro and daily login drugs.

Would love to see an Item watchlist widget as part of CCP new UI. Reward players for taking the time to prepare setting up their watchlist before combat. Just like the normal watchlist it should be session based, also resets if you change ships.

Allow me to drag ammo / paste / drugs / cap boosters / deployable to it. Items can be dragged from cargo / fleet hangers or even the daily login queue. This would be so much better than the current compact inventory in Proton UI. Also much better than filters for PvP players, especially ones with a fleet hanger such as caps.


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