Monitor Ammo Hold Changes

The Monitor satisfies a fantastic niche as an FC ship, but it has trouble in certain scenarios with it’s ammohold:

  1. Probes do not automatically reload into your launcher (in a standard cargohold ship when you have launched your probes you have the option to automatically reload probes). On the monitor you have to manually access the Ammohold and drag them in.

This compounds the problem in that if you forget to do this (which let’s face it you may well do in the heat of battle) then when you leave system your probes try to auto return to your Ammohold - only to find there isn’t enough space and are consequently abandoned (combat probes really are huge).

  1. Unable to carry drugs in the ammohold. I would suggest it be adjusted to a consumeables hold. It presently permits Nanite Paste so it’s not an unfair adjustment to suggest.

As an example, if you are leading a nanofleet for example, speed is essential, and the Monitor only really keeps up with Quafe/Overclocker. This puts a clock on how long you are useful as after the drugs wear out, if you are the anchor, it slows the entire fleets speed and puts them at risk. The present solution is someone else carries your drugs for you and jettisons them when you need it, or you dock up and re-consume in an appropriately stocked station/citadel to which you have access.

The speed of the monitor in general could do with being looked at as presently it only keeps up with MWD cruiser fleets with an appropriate deadspace module and a Snake implant set, which really constricts options (ie you cannot use a scanning implant set for example).

It would be nice to hear other players’ feedback on the Monitor and it’s Ammohold, or any other issues you may have had with it.

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