It's a quiet day here in Sweden

At the time of writing it’s 15:10, the temperature is a nice 9.2 celcius. Being unemployed as i am, has made me notice behaviours in my neighbours. That i haven’t seen before, like the neighbours kid kicking a ball against a low wall until it hits one of my windows. Then he is a frikkin ninja, no matter how fast i react.
He is gone poof, no where to be seen.

Then we have the girl whom lives across the courtyard, everytime that she facetimes hangs halfway out the window. And the man whom lives in the neighbouring building, he takes all calls on his balcony.
And on speaker all the time, i don’t speak farsi or arabic. So i have no clue what they are yelling about, but it seems both parties have a hard time hearing what the other person is saying.

Just nonsensical musings on a quiet thursday afternoon :slight_smile: , hope ya’ll have a good day and share how your thursday or friday is…

:penguin: :cold_face: f me, thats cold.

Google Translate can translate it for you.

I am currently sitting on my bum, doing nothing productive, for now, before I go riding bicycle for a hour. :mountain_biking_woman:

I am watching Bashar videos.

Oh Nana, you will never be a viking :slight_smile:

Umm videos of the syrian leader?

No, the one who talks with aliens. There is a person like that. No joke.

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Actually, the man named Darryl Anka channels the alien entity “Bashar” since 1984. The messenger isn’t as important as the message delivered to be honest. :grin:

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Umm ok?, somehow videos of the syrian leader seemed less out there :slight_smile:

T-Shirt weather, with a bodywarmer if the wind is up.

I’m at work, typing on here, deliberating whether to go for version 2.679b of the latest interface or leave it at 2.679a, roll it out and wait for the complaints to pile in, then fix it.

What they don’t know is that I’ve already fixed it, and when I roll the update super fast, I’ll look like a god.


It’s ok though. When you work in healthcare there’s an automatic assumption that anything new will be ■■■■■■.


meanwhile in pure blind

Here’s a film for you, OP. Seems it might be appropriate for you. :wink: :

According to my parents, both long time government employees, if it’s an IT project that the government has had anything to do with, it is shite.

Slightly relevant…


They’re spot on. Also it will undoubtedly involve an obscene amount of money, overpaid and misinformed consultants who will speak to all the wrong people and ultimately result in a product that won’t be fit for purpose and / or nobody will use.

I have icons linking me to the magical world of several large, turd-festooned labyrinths staring at me right now, sporting walls built from the frozen tears of several hundred unfortunate middle managers.

The aforementioned ‘consultants’ will then disappear as quickly as they arrived and a those employees responsible for the clusterfuck will move a few underlings sideways as an unspoken admission of guilt.

It’s pretty standard around here.

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Same in the military, except ‘those employees responsible’ retire to comfortable jobs as consultants themselves, with the companies whose products they selected in the first place.

Hah, i was actually more thinking this would be better

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That seems good also!

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