It's about Captain Room matter

It’s about Captain Room matter.

CCP cut this feature some time ago for its low usage(MayBe?).But since then many people want it back.

At least it brings profit by selling clothes,and should not be a difficult thing for dev team.

What do you think?


It was cut not because of it’s low usage, but because it was holding back the 64 bit client and it used middleman software they no longer have a license for.
It won’t get developed just for the sake of pretties, because it would take far more dev hours to build and maintain than they would ever make from a few more clothing sales.
And no-one can come up with meaningful gameplay behind WiS.


The technology to support avatar gameplay has advanced a lot in 10 years so it’s possible but not probable - there are way more important things to keep the development teams busy for the foreseeable future. When the Destiny physics engine has been replaced and TiDi is a fading memory, I’ll think about freshening my character wardrobes in preparation for CCP’s version of Second Life!


If the carebears could hang out in perfectly safe stations and work on the custom hairdos then perhaps they would stop complaining about ship PVP. There is a possible “win” here.

In your circles perhaps.

This pretty much.

Lagging in Boxes was a terrible waste of development time and money. I hope they learned their lesson, and leave that steaming pile where it belongs.

It only existed as a test bed for the World of Darkness MMO Tech so when that was cancelled WIS days were numbered.

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Compared to the graphics engine to render Captain Room, has the current character graphics engine changed a lot? ?

Ah, World of Darkness. I wasted my youth dreaming of how great that game might have been. :cry: CCP.

Seeing a picture on the Internet reminded me of this.

Why not?

Considering the exmaple of some successful MMORPG,selling customized content could be a profit point.

Furniture, interiors, clothing, suites…

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I don’t want it back. Gross, keep it out.

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The portrait engine is totally different, since well… it has no physics engine attached to it.

Note that in the examples you are trying to use, that content is also used in the dungeon interiors and such.
For EVE the equivalent is not clothing, it is ship skins, structure addons and the like.

So, the question is: Need space game role to walk? ?

I’m not quite sure what your question is? Doesn’t make sense in English.
I’m guessing Google translate?

Looking at the record of Pearl Abyss, I wouldn’t be certain of that…

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Pearl Abyss doesn’t develop EVE Online.
They have no part in its development.

They’ve made this very clear during the acquisition. They have zero influence on the development. They just tell CCP to hit certain milestones, and it’s up to CCP to come up with a way to hit them.

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people still don’t get that.

You think that will always be If that is really the case now? PA paid $425 million for CCP and will just leave them be? Well…ok…I do not share that confidence.

Really? Would you care to provide an example where P.A. developed a totally unconnected from their main gameplay physics & graphics engine inside a game suitable for high definition character creation, movement, & interior interactions?
Would you care to provide an example where ANYONE has actually launched a full game which has this.
Because sure, BDO is pretty, but it’s the primary gameplay engine as well. So it’s not a good example of something developed solely for the pretty since it also handles gameplay.