It's Been 5 Years

According to Transaction History I have not played EVE in 5 years…

Just logged in and obviously everything is different.

Is there a good place to try and get caught up with some of the major changes I’ve missed?

2 Characters have between 1.5mil and 3mil unallocated skill points so I am assuming something has changed in regards to their training.

Also how the heck do i shut off that goofy verification requirement that sends a code to my email every time i log into something.

If they had any skills for reprocessing ores, they changed the skills around

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Ah that is most likely what they were - what did they change them into?

As far as I know, there isn’t a way for you to turn off two-factor authentication, nor should you as it provides you with extra protection against unauthorised access to your account. Bear in mind if your account was compromised and your skills extracted and assets sold, CCP would be unable to reimburse these items (they don’t remember player-to-player transactions).

You may consider getting a 2FA application which will speed up the process slightly, and it will reduce email spam. I highly recommend the Microsoft Authenticator as it ties in really well with your Microsoft accounts as well.

Something I would recommend against CCP provides you with a method in your account to use the same 2FA seed for all of your accounts.

(I’m sure they have an app for iPhones as well)

They consolidated them into their own categories

It wouldn’t be bad if the 2FA was sent to my phone via text message rather than a pesky email but I follow the idea behind it.

Are you able to elaborate or give me an idea where to do some more research on it?


Hence the suggestion of using a 2FA app. That way you don’t get email (or SMS) spam, AND you can tie the key to a specific phone meaning even if your email got hacked it wouldn’t become vulnerable.

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