It's been awhile...what has changed with BOPs

Welp, been out of the pvp for a long time. Probably 4 to 5 years. I have quite a few BOPs assets. How has this element of pvp changed? Capabilities of the BOPs and support fleet ships changed in any relevant ways? Jump ranges, portal generation capacity? Can everything be bridged that was bridged before? etc.

The recent change to null local will be an inherent buff to blops; their increased mobility over capitals will allow them greater flexibility in avoiding discovery, to strike far deeper than a capital fleet ever could.

That said, over the last 4-5 years, capitals have become substantially more prolific. If you drop on something and you don’t have the ability to kill it within a minute, you’re gonna get turbo-blobbed with a super fleet.

BLOPS was always a fun concept to me. In practice though, it has always been disappointing. There are no “good fights” unless you ■■■■ up. It’s no different than walking over to the nearest playground and punching out some random kid for the fun of it, then getting out before mamma bear reaches you.

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