Its f***ing pointless playing right now

Can’t get near a bloody trade hub. F$$$ing psanting gankers all over the place. I have loads to do in game but no fcking way I’m about to undock any ship worth flying for some scuttering swarm of shtfkers to blow it up. Eve, my favourite but temporarily assy game I’ll come back next week when hopefully you’ll have grown some sense.


Perhaps you should try learning how to function away from a trade hub? Or be better at avoiding ganks?


I need to go to a trade hub tonight.

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I don’t see how that’s going to change what I need to do tonight

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Why is this so hard for you to understand? Learn how to have a plan B for when trade hubs aren’t easily accessible (or some other obstacle is in your path). Or get better at avoiding ganks.

Couldn’t be arsed. You learn it.

And this sums up why you fail at EVE. Can I have your stuff when you ragequit?


You don’t know me

Can I have your stuff next week when you come back to try again and find that EVE did not grow sense and you’re still incapable of reaching a trade hub unharmed and then rage quit?


Sure. As long as you don’t give any of it to that ryskin prick.


Sure, promise I won’t!

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Sorry @Merin_Ryskin I had to like that, it was too f**king hilarious.


Just look at every forum post ever folks. As soon as someone posts something there’s always some contrarian asslauncher forum bully who just disagrees on principle and tries to shoot someone down. He didn’t help at all, there were no useful suggestions, he just acted superior. After the last smarmy post the page showed him typing three different replies but Gerard gave me the opportunity to send him off in a rage and he never posted.
Now my understanding of the situation is this: CCP made loot drops worth more for halloween. Which caused CODE et al to start a massive ganking campaign (look them up on zkill) and neither they nor the contrarians are engaging in repetitive negative behaviour unless they’re consistently getting a reward (Dr.Phil.) I can get into ways of avoiding the ganks but its more work than I’m prepared to put in right now. So I have chosen to deny the energy vampires their twisted pleasure in game by abstaining for the moment and I’m denying them here by being a better smartass.

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