It's not just me, this arrow is pointing the wrong way, right?

Seems like it should be the opposite to me.


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It depends.

It is, from the list, obvious that the list is little (top) to big (bottom)

If the arrow is the thing you click (which it is) to change the other to big (top) down to little (bottom) then this is correct.

If the arrow is (redundantly) just showing the current order then there would be no indication of where to click to get the order reversed.

UI design is hard - different people have different mental models of what something means and how it works. This one isn’t bad - I could think of worse (no hint of where to click to change the order for example). I could think of improvements (box around the arrow so it looks like a button - but that takes pixels/space).

It does, however you read it, give an implicit “click here for re-order” - more than “just guess the heading does that function” would.

Eve’s UI language isn’t bad (aka quite good actually) - that’s the real step forward with the new UI: a constant language rather than different windows and functions behaving differently. You can bicker about colour and spacing, both are minor compared to the implicit instructions and guidance good consistent language gives.

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In my view it’s supposed to be telling you what direction it’s in so that if you’ve got only one distinct value ion the list and a new distinct value appears in system, you’ll know whether it’s going to go above or below your existing entries.

If it were a button I’d imagine there would be a button of every column, but there’s only this icon on the column you currently have it ordered by, but you can click other column headers to order by those.

I’m pretty sure those go to a printer that directly feeds into a shredder. I’ve not once seen something reported as a bug that actually got fixed. I figured that feature was only there so that people feel like they’ve reported an issue so that they’ll be quiet :smiley:

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EVE’s UI really is hard. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Seems that Photon turned EVE’s existing paradigm with the arrows upside down. In the existing UI, the arrows show you what is on screen. In Photon they show what happens if you click on it. Makes no sense to me because the arrows are not consistent with what I see on screen but apparently UI designers think this a perfectly logical thing to display.

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