Its time to remove static warp disruption bubbles

This has been a long time pet hate. Why are these even in game. The ability to bubble camp/drag bubble with no consequences is silly. If you want to do this, then there needs to be an element of combat and risk, so get out your HICS and DICS on the table ladies and gents. We have and have had for a long time specialised ships for this, and that should be the only option.

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Specialised ships and anchorables, they both have a role in EVE.

Specialised ships can create bubbles quicker and cheaper than anchorables. Anchorable bubbles won’t be active immediately. Similarly specialised ships can light cynos quicker and cheaper than the recently added anchorable cynos. But the ship-activated versions last much less long than anchorables, so for players who wish to stay around for a while they really want to be using anchorables.

Anchorable bubbles (and cynos) allow players to prepare and set up some temporary infrastructure to help them, without requiring someone to be on ‘press the button every minute-duty’. That last thing wouldn’t be very engaging gameplay, don’t you think?

A lot of players and CCP too seem to like those anchorable alternatives to the in-combat use of ships, as we have seen from the recent addition of mobile cynos and soon also the mobile covert cynos. Not to replace the covert cynos on ships, but to give players an alternative in case they want a slower but longer-lasting version of the ship module.

Mobile warp disruption bubbles are fine. Especially now that there are many more ships that can completely ignore bubbles after the recent changes, such as industrials, T2 explorers and shuttles.

There is a risk and element of combat to bubbles: if you don’t defend them, you lose ISK. Those things are free kills! Can’t shoot back! And can easily be avoided if no ships are watching over them.

Bubbles are fine, you just need to learn how to navigate through them or be prepared to take another route. I recommend you d-scan gates to check for bubbles before you warp straight from gate to gate.

And if you still get caught by bubbles like these:

(Shown in the picture: the 1DQ1-A sun, my Hound, the T5ZI-S gate and more hostile bubbles than I like to count.)

Get good.


There is a serious risk, that if catching someone who can kill you and your bubble and in the worst case who gets irritated enough to come after you and your entire corporation.
That’s pretty risky.
Just because you don’t like getting caught in bubbles doesn’t mean you can’t fight back, if you don’t it’s on you, not the person deploying the bubble.

And miss out on all the fun that happened in M2-XFE ? No way, lol.

It is time to upgrade to VISA Platinum !

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