I've finished the tutorial, and now?

I’ve finished the tutorial and now? Who should I talk to? Which corporation should I join if I want to get into PvP?
What should I do?
Can anyone help?

What kind of PvP are you interested in learning (first)? You’ve got the unique mechanics of PvP in Faction Warfare space, you have large fleet fights, you have solo PvP, you have small-gang roaming, you have spooky wormhole PvP, etc. Within these general umbrellas you have a number of specialized roles, from the guys that pin down enemy ships to keep them from escaping while the fleet closes in (often referred to as “tackle”), you have the electronic warfare ships that, for lack of a better term, apply debuffs to enemy ships, you have the logistics ships which “heal” other ships, you’ve got the fleet commanders, you have scouts, etc.

It’d be helpful to know more about what you’re interested in learning about when considering recommendations. Otherwise, you’re likely to get people just listing of mentions to some of the large, well-organized and well-known nullsec PvP institutions like Brave Newbies, Karmafleet, Pandemic Horde, etc.

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Travel to Arnon. Do the Sisters of Eve epic arc Missions. And before that make sure you have worked with all career agents. You can find them if you press F12 and press “show career agents”. That will provide you with more experience, money and basic ships and equipment.


I actually don’t know which one… I would like experience the lost of my ships
Simply go with someone out there kill ships and be killed

I will do that thanks!!!

Btw, do the PvP groups have anything against alpha players?

Welcome to Eve

As others have suggested, you should start with the career agents and SOE Epic Arc to get some experience with the game mechanics in a relatively “safe” environment.


Some PVP alliances prefer experienced players, others are designed for new players.


Good luck

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I’m a new player as well, and this was the first question I had after finishing my tutorials. I’ve lost 3 ships to lowsec, and need to learn how to pvp. :slight_smile:

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