Ivory Research LLC, a PvE corporation in Gallente high-security space

Ivory Research LLC is a PvE corporation based in Gallente high-security space. We would like mature and relaxed individuals to enjoy EVE Online with us. We believe in fair play and prohibit dishonorable behavior. We take your safety seriously—both in the game and in our interactions. Friendly fire is illegal in our corporation.

You will never be asked to pay taxes or contribute more than you are willing to. Pilots of all ages and levels are welcome. Your ESI is yours to keep; we have no need for OPSEC or scrutiny.

We focus on the activities listed below:

  • Missions: We are happy to assist members with security missions.
  • Mining: We have Orca pilots ready to boost your barges. We are in need of more miners to maximize productivity.
  • Research: Make use of a growing library of blueprints. More will be added upon request.
  • Production: We are looking for capsuleers who are interested in manufacturing.


  • 1,000,000 skill points
  • Security status of 0.0 or above
  • Discord, but no microphone is required

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes.”
Let us free you from the latter.

Please remember to check your faction standings if you plan on moving from Amarr or Caldari space.

“Civility costs nothing and buys everything.”
Join our community of civil players.

“You decide your own level of involvement.”
Be free. Be yourself.