J-Space, K-Space... A-Space!

Triglavians fought drifters and sleepers long enough to conquer 5 x 7 WH systems from them. Now you can conquer those 35 systems and claim your soverenity.

There are over 2600 WH systems out there and many of them are not inhabitated. If CCP take 35 of them (so - no new space added) and convert them to very special space, no harm done, IMHO.

The whole point is to create some soverenity, that can be taken and maintained by a smaller group, than goons, but bigger than usual WH corp.

Each of this 5 constellation will consist of one central system with conquerable ‘Zorya’s palace’, that serves as a sort of I-HUB and 2 groups of 3 systems each. 3 systems in each group is connected between each other and with central system. Each ‘perimeter’ system has one static to k-space. so each contstellation will always have 2 HS, 2 LS and 2 NS static. But if you just through this static from outside, gate becomes polarized forever and you can not jump back to k-space through it. So you have to jump through 3 systems (2 gates) to get back to same security space. But constellation dweller can jump out and back again. One time. Those static will be visible in k-space as anomalies, not as need-to-scan signatures.

Moons are mineable including special moon-goo, and there will appear static asteroid belts with Abyss NPC. New combat anomalies with abyss NPC will give chance to drop loot, needed to build Abyssal Dreadnout. No cyno allowed, chat functions as in null space. Only corp, that controls Zorya’s palac, can roll statics, all at once, for a fee, payed in special fuel.

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Well, why don’t you just take one of those 2600 WH systems?
Why do you need CCP to make some of the “special”?

If CCP does make them “special” they’ll just be swarmed by larger groups who can do it better than you can, so it won’t even help you in the long run.


Half of New Eden is dead. Half of null is dead. Go and take some of those systems. We don’t need another empty systems that are krabs ready.

So, take those. “Problem” solved.

Technically speaking, ‘A-space’ is that region of space where the physics contribute to the natural formation of A-Holes.

And as such, EVE already has them.


“Another”? I do not suggest to add another, just change some unused existing one.

“dead”? And why it is dead? Maybe it is because it is not interesting enough? Current state of null chased away smaller groups out of it. Give them new room. Use empty systems to organize that room without adding more space to universe.

“krabs ready”? WH is the least crabs ready space I know. Abyss NPC is the least botable farmed AI in the game. Combine that with some sweet feeling of “my own corner in the galaxy I have soverenity over” and there will be players, who will come to fight for it.

And since WH mechanic will not allow supercapital in there, smaller groups will get a bigger chance to survive there, then in null, where your soverenity will be nuked by big blocks in a matter of days.

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EVE is a sandbox. Players for years allowed to build up continuous stagnation and domination of one (maybe few) big bloc. Current state is only created by players.
While my definition of sandbox is different. Many think that intervention from CCP is borderline of removing sandbox element.

Then go and grab those empty systems to have your corner in the galaxy. In EVE there always will be someone bigger or stronger. If they are motivated enough they will take your stuff down. No matter if you are 5 men corp or 500.

Few weeks ago I did some day trips to WH’s. There is huge amount of system with dead killboard. Even InterBus POCO’s. Even as solo player or small group you can easily roll holes to find content for your people.

The issue I see is not that there is no “free” space, no content. But no easy content. Small groups don’t go to WH’s because there is no perfect safety, you need to constantly control your system and what is around it, you cant grind so easy as in other parts of space. While null in current stat is heaven for krabing that everyone in this days look for. Not many people now days look for contest but for isk.
Problem with small groups and null is that they don’t have power to maintain own territory. But that doesn’t mean that there is no place for them in other parts of New Eden.


I’m not a WH guy (got only small solo experience). But as far I know, if you can build supper in in wh. You just can’t move it to other systems.


You cannot build supers without SOV.

(You also can’t take SOV without supers anymore. Pretty spiteful catch-22).


+1 to the OP.

Good option for smaller Alliances to gain some experience and grow, then afterwards can move to Null Sec and claim Sov.

The Eve Universe should emulate real Space which is vast and endless, so having empty systems in-game actually helps with immersion.

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Goons take them. Now what?

the larger blocs will just send some people together in a group of corps and take the areas.

tons of null sec is empty but its pretty much all owned but you can look at the maps and see a lot of them have nothing going on, but those groups will still defend that empty space they pay for and will rent it out

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Nice. If I do not have 100+ supers to defend it I am just easy content for large blocks, who cyno 100-200 supers any time they want.

What I am suggesting is a space, where you can not use supers, you can not relyably maintain secure connection with your blue block home regions. Flying islands… So it will not be that much interesting for people, who are building empires.

Goons have a WH division, there is no reason to think they wouldn’t monopolize this new space if it has any value.

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