Changing w-space site spawn mechanics


after many discussions in RL, about the fact that sleeper sites stuck in some other W-Space Systems.
So i want to make a Suggestion. Give the Sites in W-Space a 24 - 48h timer. The Sites will despawn automaticly and will spawn in an another W-System in the same Konstellation. So the site don not accumulate in an single WH-System.

The PVE Sites will get a rotation, and so the Player get more new green sites in the System.
The “Old” sites never get a chance to accumulate in System where player ever farm them So i tink…

More Sites = more PVE = more General activity in W-Space = More PVP … MORE CONTENT for Everyone !

I made this Suggestion allready in the german forum.

so please give me a response about the idea to bring more Player again into the WH -Space.

Sorry for my english.


J-space sites follow the exact same rules for how they spawn as K-space sites do. It’s just not as easy to run around the region looking for the good ones.

Learn to play in your statics.

Yes, i know the mechanics and i know my statics. :wink:
I life in the J-Space since 2010 … so i know what i do.

Fact is, sites accumulate in System where nobody ever will made them. They get no Chance to spawn some where else. Problem is, as i said, if nobody made the sites, they will stuck in System.
Systems where People Life, do there sites, but after the Activity goes down in J-Space, Player leave the Space and go to the NULL-SEC.

I can say, we have fun with the C3 with 00 Static. But does others have fun ? So i made the Suggestion, not for me alone. My Only Intension is to get more Player into the J-Space.

Also, J-space is the single most profitable region of the game. It does not need a buff to income levels.

… so thats why People leave J-space and go to NULL Sec, to fly VNI und SuperCaps because it is so profitable ?
And thats why no single J-Space Region is ever shown in the statistics …

Only System where you make isk are C5 & C6.
In other classes you a limited by the numbers sites…
With the Change of the Sleeper Sites in C5 & C6 (Cap Escaltion and Drifter BS) many of the WH Corps move out.
So you can make more ISK in an NULL System with an IHUB in it, with lesser RISK,… only you are AFK or Sleeping you get a loss. Even in HS some player make more ISK then in WH Systems with DED 4/10 Complexes. I have spoken with many other players to make me a bigger Picture. An it would be only a small Change. And the Number of Green sites will not Change. Only the rotation of the sites will be better then now.

And i think it will push player into the C1-C4.

It’s almost like CCP wants you to fly outside of your hole, into a different hole?

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Your suggestion lets you sit in your hole more. Which cannot possibly be a good thing.

It is funny everbody thinking i speak only for my self…

No, i am not interessted to sit more in my hole.
As i said, i life in a C3 with an 00 Static… i have my fun :slight_smile:
For an example, C2 sites will only spawn in C2, C3 only in C3…

There are 506 C3s, 537 C2 and 358 C1 WHs… etc etc …


@Daichi_Yamato @Daichi_Yamato did you ever tried to life in J-Space… yes, no ?
I only ask because i am interessted, what you do.

Hey, i made a realstic sugesstion. No “IHUB in WH” Wet Dreams, or unrealistic “My Ponny Farm” stuff…

I only said, give the WH Green Sites timer for an automatic despawn. So that People get ab better Chance for green Sites. I never said give them more ISK or a better Loot. Only a Chance. If People not intererested to fly them. What will change ?

Or better question, what will happen, if we would change. Why you should sit down in your WH and wait ?
And wait for what, if sites automaticly despawn ? People would be forced to make them, because the sites can not accumulate in an WH System.

Yes i lived in a wh for a year.

If the sites despawn and respawn else where, rather than accumulating in a wh where no one is, they will start to be redistributed in peoples homes so that they can make more isk without having to venture out of their own holes.

How can that possibly be a good thing?

Because they don’t usually do it. They just wait until his WH is full of anomalies, then close it, farm them all and log-off for another month. Only some PvE players adventure out of his WH.

I think that instead of a timer, add a limit of how many sites could be on a given WH, so they spread out more.

This way, you have 2 thinks.

  1. PvE people wich wait for his WH to be full of anomalies will need to adventure out if they want to have the same income or log in more frequently in his WH Farm.
  2. The PvPers which are not interested in the sites will have more opportunities for targets, cause more people will be moving out their holes or more active in their on WH.
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Thx, constructiv postings are welcome.

Interessting Idea. Wallyx

Also an Option what others told me, every WH get a second static.

@Daichi_Yamato if pople know WH Space is gettinger better to make isk, more will move in. After Change about the C5 Sites, many WH Corps Left. Sadly but true the activity in W-Space is stagnating.

Next Problem what i see, to get in these WH-System over the static, there is no logic behind rolling. It think it is only random. So even if you like to role over you static into an WH where all these sites are, it is an random event.

The whole game is stagnating, not just wh’s.

Putting a limit on how many sites are in a single system sounds good.

“The whole game is stagnating…” i heared it since i play EVE …since 2008…

it should be an simple solution, we need no more other ihubs or an bigger and komplexer Change.
And a Limit for Green Sites should also work and make for me a good compromise.

give me more Ideas and suggestions … !

push it !

push it !

Push IT! Any other Ideas or solutions or suggestions ?

Do we have changes ? Are People more Aktive in W-Space ? Do we get more PVP ?

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