James 315 Day

I hereby propose and decree that the Intergalactic Summit will declare today as an official James 315 day, filled with festivities and glory for all.

Praise be upon James, High King of High Sec!

:balloon: :partying_face: :trumpet:


Why not March 15th? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, begone, foul terrorist and traffic disruptor.


That’s already a James 315 day, but we all deserve another.

:rainbow: :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :new_moon_with_face:

One day isn’t enough…how about every 3rd and 15th day of the month?

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Celebrate all you want.
Just please be aware that once you will decide to break the law and attack a neutral mining vessel, for your illegal action your ship will be obliterated by either CONCORD or our own forces, eliminating both your assets and everyone who was foolish enough to serve on your ship.

Have a nice day!

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I’m glad to see there is so much support for the Intergalactic Summit’s decision to expand our James Day festivities! Let every day be a James day, and sometimes twice or even thrice per day! It will be a true high sec holiday.

Ok, calm down Assistant Strike Commander Debbie Downer, but try to remember that your forces aren’t actually able to do anything, so really it’s just CONCORD, and that’s just a programmed bot that you aspire to become.




I am pretty much calm in here, after all, it’s not me who was burning down all these poor people alive in mining vessels for them doing honest work!

Pretty much that’s not a part of the rank, nor my profession, where would you get it from the start?

And what that did suppose to mean?

Oh, how ignorant of you! Come to us someday, we’ll show you some neat fireworks!

Just because they’re closer. Be sure that when we’re closer, you’ll be done for way faster than CONCORD would warp on grid!

cough cough
Have you bought a tinfoil hat? And do you aware of a directive omega one five?..

Nice shot, but a miss. So critical miss, as if you’d shoot your foot with a bow trying to hit an archery target ten meters away.
No, I am not interested in joining CONCORD, considering they still have such criminal organizations as Gallente Federation in their ranks. Working with frogs is a disgrace.

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Such an outburst, and on James 315 day!!

It’s amusing how a person outbursting so loudly as you dares to blame me when I bring a valid points, countering your outbursts. But fine, if you’re so sensitive, I’ll leave you to your overflowing feelings before you get a heart attack.

Today is a day for joyous celebration.

I guess they didn’t teach that at the Assistant Strike Commander School.

Just like all those other holidays nobody remember or care about?

Our thoughts and prayers are with you James 315!


Still the first time I’m hearing about this or the 3/15 holiday for that matter… I must be jaded out here in lowsec with no fear of religious zealots. No, Amarr don’t count, I don’t fear them.

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Well, I just announced it a few minutes ago, so I’m not surprised…

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Ya, that’d make sense wouldn’t it? Thought it was some well known High sec holiday or something, like I pay attention to them…

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This being heard about this kind of movement and he also read that code of Halaima. In few words they’re criminals who test everyday the security of the empires, shooting everything they see ignoring the local authorities. The only way to “stop” them is just preparing your ship for the battle in every single situation wherever you want to go.

((//OORP: Seriously, is the CODE. a INRP or OORP alliance!?!?!))

The mysteries of the CODE. are only revealed to members in good standing, who purchase an authentic mining permit and support the good works of Currin Trading Corporation.

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I’m sorry, but, who is James 315? Sounds like an edgy Gallentean teenager’s username on the latest Black Eagle game, Tour of Service.

Is this like that whole Bob day wormholers tried to get going? Oh well, any excuse for a party I suppose.