Jazzmyn Investment Bank opening doors

Jazzmyn Investment bank is opening doors to Finnish customers only at first.

I am seeking up to maximum of 100B loans without collateral with 12% interest rate that are paid every quarter. Loaned isk will be used to acquire new bluerints and their copy jobs, other industrial ventures possible.

If you want to make a deposit to bank send ISK to Jazzmyn, minimum loan amount 100 million, anything below that will be returned to sender.

Interest payment dates 2023;

Q1 → March 31
Q2 → June 3
Q3 → September 30
Q4 → December 31

Your deposit is taken note of if you post in this thread and/or send me evemail about your deposit.

If you deposit in the middle of the quarter your loan interest will be nevertheless calculated from the beginning of the next quarter and 1st possible withdrawal time is next quarter end date.

Withdrawal of the funds is only possible on the next possible interest rate pay day. No withdrawal is possible before forementioned dates. In order to withdraw funds you must send Jazzmyn evemail before interest rate pay date.

All lenders agree their names and lended amounts and next interest rate payment date and interest amount to be published in this thread if they are in TOP 5, ISK being lended to Jazzmyn investment bank.


  1. Salartarium 5b ISK, next interest payment date 31.3.2023
  2. xxx
  3. xxx
  4. xxx
  5. xxx

Total ISK deposited currently to Jazzmyn Investment bank: 5 billion ISK


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Nice to see these scams are still going :smiley:


Vouch for this fella, not that it makes a difference on these unholy grounds of eve forum but the wise men know… Old folk know who this is.

Starting with 30b, will deposit tomorrow (6th).

ROFL. The co-sign from the alt that hasn’t posted in 5 years.

I love it :smiley:

Received my first investment of 5b. \o/

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Year 2022 Q4 loan interest paid. Next payment date for our one and only :smiley: customer is 31.3.2023.

Posting to prevent thread getting autolocked after 3 months.

Q1 interests will be paid end of this month. Good time for new investors to get onboard is before Q2 begins. The interest rate will remain at 12% for the forseeable future since our current investment capital is only at 5% of what was originally requested.