JihadSwarm Declares WAR on Molea

Bravo. Just be content with the fact that people like this actually feel shame whenever they think of themselves. I know. I was one. Its really shitty.


People doing things in game that is allowed by the game mechanics and people crying about :face_with_monocle: there seems to be a theme running through these forums of late


it’s called “content” . look at all the replies , and ccp new monument got more attention than it would have without her post . the real outrage will start when code charge 10 million / year to anchor a can . :slight_smile:

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Get your licences fast while they are cheap

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You might not physically prevent them from doing these things, but by putting up a fight, you can claim a moral victory, and actually garner respect from the community, even if you lose, which will sideline your opponents.

So what you’re doing, like others before you, is once again virtue signaling. Who are you anyway to decide who gets upset, and that someone’s actions are right or wrong? You are not the morality police. This is a game in which player-to-player hostilities take center stage. Any action that does damage to someone’s in-game position can be found upsetting by the person at the receiving end of it. Ganking someone’s hauler full of stuff, ransoming a mission boat, or looting a virtual graveyard for EVE players all have similar emotional fallout.

Your advice to ignore the problem until it hopefully goes away after getting bored is more toxic in my eyes than anything CODE. has ever done. It’s the kind of rubbish, defeatist carebear attitude I see so often that has corrupted the minds of so many newbies, and turned a whole generation of EVE players into complacent bottom-feeders with victim complexes. It’s quite disgusting, really.


Hi there folks,

I just want to let those that didn’t already know of the GREAT CODE HUNT of a little bonus action…Basically I’ll reward you with bounties for any CODE ships you kill under the modest set of rules. It’s been running now for about 7 weeks and to date given out about 1.1B ISK in bounties.

Nothing to join…or pay or whatever…just Kill CODE where you find them and if the hunt’s rules are met, I’ll send you ISK.

If you want revenge, get it and get paid for it.

Happy Hunting and Fly Safe!



I literally do not care

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Of course you don’t.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a carebear who cared about anything other than their appetite, and rationalizing away their gluttony to concerned onlookers only insofar as it would placate them long enough for another bite to be taken.


What does gluttony have to do with thinking it’s reasonable to deny content to edgelords seeking a reaction by defacing a cemetery?



Topic Moved to Crime and Punishment.



It’s official, the illegal cemetery in Molea must be removed!

Death to the criminals!


That you are also denying content to all those who do think that something should be done about this, and could use whatever help they could get in the form of warm bodies, inspiration, combat expertise, et cetera.

The free rider problem is epitomical of this sin. Your only opportunity cost for putting up resistance is a missed chance at more consumption. You’re not fooling anyone when you try to pass off your solution as the pragmatic option, when it’s so obvious that doing nothing will also accomplish nothing, as it has for as long as these groups and players have existed and did their thing.


Ill might steal some later.

Cool, two birds with one stone

There’s nothing meaningful that can be done in response to this attack lmao


An impotent thrust goes unfelt.

Best get back to the grinding, then. A wallet ungrown is a pleasure unknown.


And when the other guy is begging for a thrust, an unfelt one might keep him from asking in the same way again

I’m happy you think I care about ISK either lmao

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binette evingod was a character whose player died a few weeks back, and then had their in-game funeral procession attacked in what I consider an act of pointless cruelty.

Aiko later declared in the post I linked above that a single act of AFK piloting on binette’s part meant that they were a miner, which makes him subhuman in her eyes and, apparently, those of her idol (CTRL+F for “quite literally less than human”).

I used to think she was being deliberately ridiculous and over-the-top, but after the recent demonstrations of her utter lack of class, I’m really beginning to wonder if Aiko’s player genuinely believes that mining with an internet spaceship means the player is subhuman.

This is where I respectfully disagree with you, Uriel. I don’t give a damn what they want. Even if Aiko’s lackeys manage to fight past any defenders, they’re not going to inflict as much damage as they would have if they flew in unopposed.

That’s all that matters to me, and if they all get blasted into clouds of virtual scrap by a massive fuckoff defense fleet then so much the better.

Basically this.

A player feeling outrage that their untanked mining barge went up in flames while they were AFK is not the same thing as feeling outraged at an act of massive disrespect toward a human being that was taken from the world far too soon. Can you really not understand this?

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I do. Make sure to listen to my coronation speech at the James funeral, which will be held in Halaima on the morrow, at 23:00. Thank you!


Keep in mind that a similar event happened in World of Warcraft, and even that wasn’t considered an act of pointless cruelty. Distasteful, sure, but not pointlessly-cruel.

And when something is considered pointlessly-cruel in EVE, but not in a game that EVE players make fun of for being “too soft,” you know that there’s a leap in logic happening somewhere.

A good actor never breaks character.

The forums, and even external websites, are all part of the stage. They have to be, because when you have someone acting in a dramatic manner in-game, but out of it they talk about how it’s all an act, the emotions get dulled.

Would you rather have an Aiko that calls miners subhuman in-game, and posts cult leader-like manifestos out of it, or an Aiko that calls miners subhuman in-game, and posts videos about volunteering at a soup kitchen for homeless people with developmental disabilities out of it? The latter just doesn’t work.

I believe that everyone who used this memorial site in this manner either implicitly understood, or was semi-consciously aware, that something like this could happen. How many players, aside from day-old rookies, are unaware that cans in space can be stolen from or destroyed?

I think this is manufactured outrage. Fake news, perpetrated by the same bleeding-heart regulars who want to turn this into a PvE game. Was there anyone who posted here who owns cans at the site, and felt indignified by the grave robbers? Especially since there is historical precedent for that very thing happening? :confused:


I also consider the Serenity Now raid to have been an act of pointless cruelty on the part of the attackers. I’m aware that not everyone will agree with my opinion, but I accept this is the case and that the most I can do about it is explaining why I believe what I do and hope that any listener finds those reasons compelling.

Go toss that strawman into a fire, why don’t you? She could have left this entire matter alone and just not commented on it if she didn’t want to break character.

I’m starting to get the feeling that we’re not going to accomplish anything productive with this argument. We’ll just be repeating the same talking points at each other over and over and over again with neither of us being convinced. Can we just agree to disagree?