Jim Halescott for CSM16 -- Coming To Steal Your Heart (If you ever had one)

I’ve disagreed with him several times and I’m still with the group, you must’ve went against the rules to have been banned


So I assume you are one of them that call themselves his virgin men? Jim’s virgins or something? You’ll defend him no matter what as that is what he has trained you to do.

I rarely interact with the fb group, mostly cause I forget about it.

Well considering these are my only posts on the Eve-O forums I would say you really can’t back up that I troll on these forums.

There was no toxicity, he was just wrong about how gate guns worked and got offended by it because I corrected him, I was even very polite until he started linking things. As someone else stated earlier in the thread:

But so pleased you think its okay to start linking peoples names and other accounts they have and then go as far as linking reddit accounts also. Literally stating “this guys name in game is “insert name here” here’s his alts” and then going “oh and this is your reddit profile isn’t it”. Linking someone’s reddit account is not keeping it in game is it. Especially when I post very little on the Eve Reddit and my facebook and my eve and reddit are all separate accounts. I literally have no idea how he found my reddit account but eh.
There is more too it involving my facebook profile but I really am not getting in to that one. And since then I have meticulously not posted in the Eve facebook group for that very reason. He abuses his power as a moderator and seems to think he is right about every situation. And if he gets angry he then starts ripping in to you “Doing his digging to try and find out who you are” and creates salt posts stating he’s going to make people biomass. That is not someone who should be on the CSM. He likes to think himself somewhat important within the Eve community and a big shot because hes an admin of the facebook group. Tending to his ego and making him a CSM member will quite literally be the worst thing for the game.

But if you’re okay with that then by all means vote. At east people can see what’s been said.

The thread is very much on topic. I am explaining why he is a bad candidate, the fact you dislike the fact and disagree, does not mean this thread is off topic. At least people will have all the information to make a better decision.

This person would not be a good CSM at all in my opinion. Those are my reasons. Post it Notes are now off. People have my side of it and they can see it. Whether they want to believe it is up to them.


I am by no means a Him Halescott follower but I have joined some of his content generating ventures.

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I met Jim when I was trying to figure out his citadel theft method all by myself. When we met in local he ended up asking me to join him in the guild. I went on with the guild and assisted with ESI-related stuff for a few months. I would say Jim is a swell guy.

Sure he would steal your ingame stuff but that’s just how Jim (and everyone else) plays the game. Behind all that, he does care about the game mechanics (it’s something that he’s really good at!) and the player base as well.

That said, I’d vote for him.


I’ve known Jim for about 2 years now. He is active in the community, specifically in the Eve Online Facebook Group. Although, I abhor his actions and activities in the game (stealing unanchored structures and among other things) I deem he is a valid candidate for CSM 16 just for the reason he is active in the community. Furthermore, I strongly believe that an individual who is active in the community could bridge players and CCP closer to make the game better for all of us.

With that Jim Halescott has my vote for CSM 16 along with RonUSMC, Rixx Javix, Hy Wanto Destroyer, and finally Lucrative Business Opportunity.


I have now seen the stuff you sent to him. You are a sick ****. I can personally vow for Jim that you are kinda crazy, you however cannot show proof for anything. Pathetic.
And you try to discredit me by saying I am a troll. How does that discredit me? The point that you clearly cannot handle PVP still stands. Look at you. You get dunked on on repeat. No wonder that you dislike the people that constantly wreck you.


So I swung by here to read what people are saying after I was pinged by a friend to check the laughable attempt at someone trying to derail my claim.

If you have noticed, you are the first and only person complaining about no proof. I’m shocked that someone that supposedly did not do this, which could potentially affect his CSM campaign, has not yet asked me to provide proof. I wonder why Jim has not asked me to provide proof. Surely he would want me to provide proof of this claim. Yet nowhere has he asked me too. The only person that has even asked for proof is you, the person “defending his honour”. (In before the next response now is funnily enough Jim asking for proof).

Allow me to counterpoint, if you have seen messages I supposedly sent Jim as you say, then you would have seen my real name, and that would mean Jim has shared with you my real name. Which would mean Jim literally giving you access to a part of my personal information, which is what I was stating he does in the first place. So to that extent, right here, I give you and only you, permission, right now, to type it. Feel free. I will wait. (That’s right, you can’t because you have no idea).

Also feel free to post a link to the thread where I am a sick ■■■■. I’ll wait because I to am intrigued to see this thread. (There isn’t one.) And here’s the thing, the only interaction I have had with Jim is via the Eve fb group.

If you’ve supposedly seen facebook messages, here’s the thing, I’ve never once private messaged Jim and honestly have no wish to either, that means you have access to them. So please go here Imgur: The magic of the Internet and upload them and respond to this thread. I give you my permission to do so. Again, I will wait. It would also mean you know my name. (see above point).

Supposed discord messages, great, what’s my discord ID.

And if it’s supposedly in game feel free to screenshot. It will have my name next to the mail and the timestamp. But better make it before 19/11/2018 because that was the last mail I ever sent. (I have screenshots for proof). And I will happily put in a petition to CCP to ask for proof that I have no deleted any messages or received any. Nor have I ever (to the date of this message) ever been in a single chat channel with Jim. Again I will happily get CCP to collaborate if they are able to. What’s that, no message to or from Jim:

So either one of two things here.

  • You’re lying (which is the one I am 100% certain of, because I doubt Jim would be that stupid when he is trying to run for CSM so why would he want more controversy to add to that what I have already posted.) If you’re not, surely Jim would post here to say if he has shown you these supposed chat logs.
  • Jim is okay with you falsifying information to further his CSM campaign which I’m pretty sure is against the rules.

Or is this one of those petty “well you haven’t provided proof so I am going to make some ■■■■ up to make your claim less”

As for your final claim

The point that you clearly cannot handle PVP still stands. Look at you. You get dunked on on repeat. No wonder that you dislike the people that constantly wreck you.

If you look up further in my post I point out the last thing I lost was a Gila and went to their public channel to chat with them:

Imagine trying to troll someone so hard, yet falling short of the mark on every point you have made so far and failing to provide any sort of coherent argument.

You do realise by making the above response up, you simply fortify my statements above. Personally, it is just showing what I said earlier about you being nothing more than a small time forum troll that doesn’t really understand how this works. I have been polite to you up until this point, and considering you’ve now started calling me names. Well, it truly reflects your character.

Better falsify those claims. This will be the last time I respond in this thread so you can whine and ■■■■■ at me all you like from now on. I won’t be back to recheck this post :joy:

Greetings and Salutations!

I, Pandora Singularity - First of her name - Queen of Safizon, Beloved Niece to his one true Holiness Max Singularity - Space Pope - fully endorse Jim Halescott’s run for CSM.
Jim is a beloved member of the Sixth Empire community and he carries our motto to heart “With Love and Lasers”.

Role play aside - Jim is a fantastic human being. He loves to role-play and has done very well in-game using said persona. I have seen him give the shirt off his back, and spend countless hours teaching someone who wants to learn - what he does! (What thief teaches other thieves how to thief so they can thief from the thief? Say that ten times fast!)
He continues to make content - whether its good or bad - but HE DELIVERS. There is always something in the woodworks with this one and the thing I like about him the most is he is VOCAL with what he cares about - and that is our community.

I love what you’re doing Jim - the negative nancy’s are just that - Negative - dont let them bring you down.



I vote for jim FB_IMG_1620011783912


Vote for jim xd


Gg, I return here after over a week to see the pleb miner is still raging.
Phlanx, your main problem is that you are dumb enough to spam your own toons name in your messages:

Jim didn’t need to send me your name, because you managed to make sure those messages are from you by your own. This is what I have seen. Look at the time in between. Look at what kind of obsessed freak you are. That’s why you are sick. Who the heck keeps harassing someone for years? Before you talk **** make sure to check your claims. I have never seen Discord or ingame stuff, only these messages which are clearly from you.
Ah, and of course you don’t post the stuff where you are salty for days but we know you are. Look at that novel of lies you posted. You are probably one of those players who report others for hacking when they get killed.


Jim doesnt honor his word. He once bet againy my CEO. My CEO bet PAPI would online the 5th KS in Delve. Jim bet no for 20b ISK. Jim lost but he didnt pay.
A player that doesnt honor his word doesnt deserve the post.

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a game about scamming, and piracy and what not, and you are worried about someone honoring their word?? Really bro? No different than someone offering to not blow you up for 2B isk. You give them the ISK and they still blow you up… same difference.

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I’ve known and worked on schemes with Jim for many years now. He is definitely a worthy candidate in my eyes. I only know a handful of people that are as passionate about content creation and prodding the limits of what is possible in Eve. He legitimately cares about the health and growth of our community & our universe.

While his knowledge of Eve isn’t perfect, he know more about how the game works at all levels far better than most. Especially the metagame.

Regarding his conduct in the Facebook group, based on the comments I’ve seen in this thread, I can say that negatives are most certainly exaggerated. Are people mad at him? Definitely… and probably for valid, game related reasons. But I challenge any of them to provide actual evidence of any violations of the rules, in fact or in spirit, of either the game or the Facebook group.

As far as his constant self promotion… you can’t be mad at him for being better at that than you. How dare he do things differently than you! Go cry in a corner or something.

He most certainly has my vote.




This is 100% true. Jim cares about Jim and only Jim

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Sounds like a decent proposal to me, Jim, be interesting to see someone like you within the CSM. sure I find your shenanigans posted on the FB group to be amusing, and someone like that definitely needs to have more of a voice in the game, the points you bring forward are also good, so as far as I am concerned, and I have seen, you have my vote

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