Jita, Gankers and Automation

I don’t think EF is a botter.

He smartbombed me a couple times because I had ehp and iI didn’t care warping directly gate to gate. It was normal, the damage came very slowly bomb after bomb, he pianoed the bombs, the damage came very slowly on me. It wasn’t all bombs from all alts together, he is fine.

Another day I was in a destroyer and flew through his battleships and he didn’t fire, he even told me to be careful because I forgot to ping warp, I usually ping warp but that day I was tired, if he was a bot he would have bombed me.

I am smartbombing too and there isn’t time to swap to another alt and “play piano” on Fkeys. The target is already invulnerable (if not dead) before you manage to alt-tab OR move your mouse to the other window and click into it.

In FACT, it is 1000% multi-key broadcasting right there just from the killmail because if you would control one alt and then after you would finished pressing all keys you moved to another alt, then you would not be able to hit a shuttle who dies to 3 smartbombs with more than one character.

This guy is 1000% cheater!

EDIT: ok, theoretically he could have two computers and pressing F keys with on two keyboards with each hand if he is ambidextrous. But that would be quite insane prowess and how is he controlling the third character, by toes on his foot?

I am not sure, you gotta ask the guy’s setup, I know a guy who has an extra 20 keys keypad on his left side and a another smaller keypad on the right side of his main keyboard. Last time I talked to him he was thinking about buying pedals.

Dudes who buy peripheral devices can do some magical stuff.

Sorry, but the only way to do this is multikey broadcasting.

Either some form of hardware key broadcasting using three different computers where one keyboard sends the input to three computers at the same time, or software one where either you are actually having different application than EVE active and you press the keys and the application will broadcast it into 3 different clients or some EVE script /bot which will broadcast F1 keys to chosen clients.

You can have pedals, but you cannot F1 alt-tab pedal alt-tab F2 alt-tab and so on within the time window you have for this. The shuttle is only vulnerable for a second max, rather less.

Maybe I ask him for a lesson on that, I am thinking about start smartbombing at Ahbazon too.

Are you using EVE-O too? For using the ClientHotkey

Sorry we get ask by your victims for Vengeance, your a criminal so we try and kill you, sometime we save the kr for a training day to let new players have a go, they enjoy it.

You will find many rants by me about botting.

There are hauling/trade bots, there are looots of trade mission bots…(edit: meant of course distribution mission) But the most visible problem is abyssal botting, which anyone can easily confirm. Simply go around Jita with combat probes, and start scanning for abyssal traces. Go around and REPORT EVERYONE you see come out. Wait 3-9weeks and you will get up to hundreds (!) of notifications, thanking you for bot reports.

When you get these emails, you will have a timewindow of 4-12hours, where Jita is CLEAN of abyssal traces. Only a handful will be there, making it for the first time since you tried it possible, to scan ALL traces in Jita. After a few hours it will be back to normal. Please try it, if you scan Jita 4-4/Sun with probes you will get lot’s of traces already.

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I have some candidates in Uedama that have very unbelieveable looting speed. Even if ships arrive under the same conditions, they are able to 100% always loot before me. Now they are able to beat everyone that trys, no matter where they are located. (e.g not sure what other i can try than get somebody close to the servers to compete)

With these people i am fairly certain, that they use somekind of scripted assist to be able to instantly loot as soon as certain conditions are met. (e.g wreck in range, certain value etc.)

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Dammit, AssMuncherDildoAlt is taken? I was gonna use that :laughing:

Also, did anyone else find MacGybo’s video extremely relaxing? I shall watch it again later when im trying to get off to sleep


Sounds like a @Githany_Red alt. Having said that, everyone is in love with you, especially @Iceacid_Frostpacker and your loyal puppy @Ax_l_Thorne

I am not using EVE-O. I tried it once but I found out I am not able to focus on those mini screens anyway and that alt+tabbing is faster than moving mouse into those overlay mini-windows. In fact I found it a LOT slower doing it this way. I am also using small resolution and high UI scaling so no place where to put it anyway without losing access to other important windows such as chat or drones. And I have currently just 2 omega accounts so it is not so big deal to me anyway.

I bet the multicast broadcasting smartbombers is much more prevalent, but so far nobody was stupid enough to use characters with names that alerts anyone of being multiboxed alts. So I never got suspicious, always thought that ok its two/three real players doing it.

It is not a problem to multibox a gatecamper and smartbomber, but it is impossible to control two or more smartbombers at the same time. The time frame window and need to “play piano” on F keys is not allowing to do the same with multiboxed alt(s).

I understand your point, that’s why I resisted when I first started, but here is the thing: please try again and do how I do.

Run it for the first time, then close it, this will generate a “EVE-O Preview.json”, open this file in the notepad and find this:

"ClientHotkey": {},

Modify for something like this:

  "ClientHotkey": {
    "EVE - Arya Yeshe": "1",
    "EVE - Vokan Narkar": "2"

So now the keys 1 and 2 from the keyboard will switch to that client, then you can make the previews very tiny and push them all to a corner.

So if you are smartbombing can type 1 and then slide your finger on:
F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8

Then type 2 and slide back like this:
F8 F7 F6 F5 F4 F4 F3 F2 F1

I found out that what was killing my speed was the alt tab and running the mouse all over the screen.

Ah nice didn’t know there is a hotkey for swapping the screens.

However, this is not how this guy is doing it. First of all, this won’t really help you, by the time you press 2 the target is invulnerable. Second, this guy is hitting the bombs on alts at the very same time. The evidence is in the killmail. Shuttle can only survive 3 bombs, if he first controlled one character then he kills that shuttle with single character, but he killed it with three. So clearly he multicast broadcasted that F1 to 2 more clients.

The only other explanation is that he is indeed using your setup but instead of F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 2 F8 F7 F6 F5 F4 F4 F3 F2 F1 he is doing this:

F1 2 F1 3 F1 1 F2 2 F2 3 F2 1 F3 2 F3 3 F3 1 F4 2 F4 3 F4 1 F5 2 F5 3 F5 1 F6 2 F6 3 F6 1 F7 2 F7 3 F7 1 F8 2 F8 3 F8

That is not really humanly doable mainly there is no need to do this if you know that you have enough damage to kill it with just one char and also good luck pressing this within 1second time frame window. The only way would be using a AutoHotkey macro to type this sequence for him automatically. So he just presses one key and the script plays the sequence swaps windows etc. kinda unbeliveable, but now when this accusation is there and this is written I bet he will claim that is how ´he is doing it.

Still even if that is within rules by CPP it reaks miles away and that is no longer playing a game but botting in my opinion.

You linked a frigate kill of a Retribution. Yeah that’s impossible without extra keyboards like I said, that’s why I am saying you gotta know people’s setups.

In the EVE EULA it is prohibited input broadcastng, input automation and input multiplexing; but it says nothing about: input routing, input remapping and input dealy and use of extra peripherals. :wink:

Possibly people are doing stuff out of the ordinary comparing to just a keyboard and a mouse.

This kill here is more impressive:

Such kill is possible if the camp has cap transfers and logi, this is very possible and requires no EVE-O, no scripts of any kind, no extra keyboards.

Or you need extra keyboards while using an app for key remapping.

I will talk about the real nasty secret stuff in an ingame email, I will write right now.

Yes I linked Retribution and then I talked about shuttles.

Surely you can use killboard and see he is killing shuttles with 2-3 chars. Or do I really need to link it?

I linked a bunch of stuff in the ingame email, sent you now.

There’s something odd nobody noticed.

Update - the pilots who are the subject of this video have received a ban.


I only want to learn from the best!

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Mind boggling

If they get banned by forum, why don’t they get banned by support tickets?


Heck yea, nice job Mac

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