Jita high GPU usage; adaptive settings?

I have a Radeon 480.
Only in Jita it starts spinning its fans, and it stays high all the time untill
I won’t leave the system.
Is it a possible to make a local setting just for Jita so it won’t burn up my GPU???
On task manager it doesn’t seem to use a whole lot more DRAM or GPU, maybe 2% more…
I haven’t tried lowering the texture resolution or touched any other settings yet,
mainly bc it is just Jita, so I should have to re-touch settings all the time…

Could it be possible to have a dynamical - adaptive settings preferences so it
would adapt on the client side to maximize performance over quality
if preferred?? With a threshold mechanic, I don’t really know the matrix
of Jita to say more…

ty devs.

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