Jita : Two Bumps, Two Interventions, One Gank, One gets away

OK so Friday night? Was it Friday? I think it was Friday. Must have been.

So, anyway I am Jita doing my thing, which is corpse collection.

Actually I was sorting through my collection and putting duplicates into a third container (I have filled one container, and I am a little over half way through a second,) I got over 1,600 corpses (none of which are for sale BTW, not even the duplicates so do not ask. Do not even think about asking).

So after awhile I undock and right before my eyes is Permit Enforcer!!!

I immediately get excited. If you see this dood at Jita then is is a good sign that there will be lots of corpses to collect, because he is scanning freighters as they undock and no doubt making notes on which are a suitable target for a gank.

Or something like that. Anyway, I am so excited! I anticipate lots of corpses to collect. Hopefully soon!

Meanwhile I go about my business, collecting the odd corpse, looting blue wrecks and and occasionally salvaging wrecks (when I can, competition is stiff these days … not like when I could make 100mill in a few hours, now Jita is filled to the brim with looters and salvagers … later on this … maybe)

So I am going about my business, collecting corpses when I notice Permit Enforcer is no longer camped on the undock of J4M4! Where is he? What is he doing?

I find him. He is out in the middle of nowhere bumping a freighter. So I warp to the nearest object and start heading his way … WTF? How did he get there? How did the freighter get there? How long did it take cause I am doing 4k m/s and it is taking a loooong time to get there.

So the freighter calls for help, he is being bumped, he can not warp off. BUMP. BUMP. BUMP. BUMPITY. BUMP. Eventually another ship (a frigate I think) shows up and challenges the freighter to a duel, but no shots are fired, instead he webs the freighter.

It does not work. BUMPing intesifies. Then the GANK crew shows up, KERBLEWIE. Freighter is a wreck. CONCORD shows up and starts killing the gankers. I wait cause last I heard, CODE is now smart bombing CODE capsules and smartbombs do not care. They wallop everyone nearby. Is very democratic those smartbombs.

OK … warp to wreck, start looting. Whoa! SO many BLUE wrecks. I dock, jump on my freighter and hot foot it back there, and start continue looting.

I have competition! There is a feeding frenzy and all the other looter/scavengers show up and start looting and salvaging. In less than a minute the only way you can tell what happened is that there is a cloud of CONCORD ships and thas all. All wrecks have been looted and salvaged. All bodies collected. I make 30-35mill (sell price, sold for around 25mill). Dunno what the others made. I do not ask. No one asks. At least one I suspect speaks no English.

NUMBER ONE RULE OF JITA BOTTOM FEEDERS, no speak in local. But, GOOD JOB EVERYONE. We perform a valuable service. We are proud of it. We keep the space around Jita clean (we make some isk off of it too. So what?)

The next day : Second BUMP and an Intervention

So I drop into Jita the next day. Because it is the week end. And the week ends are the best time for corpse collection. And I have been slacking, time to spend some time working on my collection.

What do I see? It is Permit Enforcer. Once more scanning freighters as they undock. I dock up, collect my freighter, undock, warp to a safe spot and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. I nearly fall asleep.

There he is! Permit enforcer is once more out in the middle of nowhere, bumping another freighter. WTF? How he do that? How did he get there? How did the freighter get there? Who gave them the bookmarks to get there? So may questions. Who knows?

I start to get impatient. BUMP. BUMP. BUMP. BUMPITY. BUMP. WTF? Where is his gank crew? What are they doing? Why are they scratching their ass instead of performing gank?


Then a ship shows up named … I do not really recall … Anti-Bumper? Anti-Ganker? Something like that and tries to BUMP Permit Enforcer, who is once again flying a Machariel. Doing the bump thing.

The anti-bumper tries to bump, to no avail. The freighter is being bumped, like a Yo-Yo he is. Bumping intesifies.

Stop picking nose gank crew. and just do it. Where are you? Why you no gank? I start to get a bad feeling.

Then a NOOB ship shows up, targets the freighter and SHOTS Fired! I start to swear. I curse. I know what is coming now.

Sure enough, CONCORD shows up and WTFBBQ the agressor. The Noob ship. Who warps off in his capsule. And so does Permit Enforcer because now, CONCORD is right there on the spot. Then the freighter warps off.

I sit there and curse. No loot! No salvage! No frozen corpses!

I leave Jita and go about my business.

mutter mutter swear curse

But I console myself, at least learn something…

Whatever man.


doesnt this belong in crime and punishment. idk cool blog dude

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Sooo, the moral of the story is when being bumped, have someone show up in a Corvette and shoot the Freighter to have Concord spawn on grid.


So that’s what happens if you feed the pidgins. Don’t feed the pidgins!!

OP, sure, I’ll buy some of those corpses.

How about some of those duplicates, too?

Crime and Punishment loves stories like these, so seeing it is A Story about ganking or being ganked, Went ahead and moved it over there.


Nowt wrong with being a scavenger in Eve, not as profitable as it used to be but still, semi free stuff.

Thank you for a really entertaining read.

I would like to state for the record that:

The second freighter logged off and was destroyed.

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<3 <3 <3

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