Joek's Head

Does anyone know where the in-game item Joek’s Head come from? It is the head of a Sansha commander. Do these come from a COSMOS mission, perhaps?

It seems most likely that it drops from which is his ship. As for further details, I don’t know personally and google is 100% empty. It might very well be non implemented content. What brought this to your attention?

Otherwise, Amarr Null COSMOS or various static sites are also possibilities. I’m actually planning on investigating null cosmos if the corp i’m trying to built up gets off the ground enough, so maybe we’ll see.

A guy was asking me if I could get him one. I don’t see why Abufyr would keep his own head in a jar aboard his ship. There must be some story behind it.

Sansha has a history of brains in jars, as demonstrated by the infamous True Slave Decryption Node
( (obtained by reprocessing the Purloined Sansha Data Analyzers given out with the Echelon twice in a row)

I think the implication is that Joek has had his head separated from his body, put in a jar wired up in such a manner in order to emulate capsule-like control of his ship. This would also explain the line in his ships description “symbiotic relationship of man and machine”. Once you destroy his ship, his brain in a jar would be retrievable from the wreckage.

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Interesting. Now I just have to find his ship!

I’m pretty sure I know where he is.

The ship is in the group “Deadspace Overseer Battleship” which implies the end boss of either a DED site, or an expedition. I’ve looked through all the DED site entries on the Uniwiki for sansha, and there is no mention of him (infact, his name doesn’t show up at all on a search of the entire wiki). However - there are three Sansha’s nation expeditions which don’t have uniwiki entries - Sansha Powergrid, True Power HQ, and The Ancient City. If I had to guess, he would be an intermediate or end stage “boss” npc for one of these.

Is an expedition like an escalation?

Same thing yes. Read up here:

Pretty sure he can be found somewhere in this constellation:, being the result from an Amarr null-sec COSMOS mission in either of the systems there. It can also be that he lurks somewhere in a static plex (DED 10/10-class?) that needs to be scanned? down in any of those systems.

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