Join PSC :middleparrot: Get good at PvP or have fun trying

Parroto Social Club is an independent, null-sec PvP Corporation. We specialise in small and medium-gang style play but have a lot of people who are active solo pvp’ers. We expect our members to get out there and blow up some ships (preferably someone else’s).

PSC is active across all timezones. When we’re not memeing on comms our focus is trying to improve at PvP and have fun. We’re not the greatest players in the game or 1337, but we aim to learn from our mistakes and be better.

Here’s a clip from one of our roams and is the type of thing you can expect:

What you can expect from us:

  • Group of friends who really enjoy flying together. We use Discord for out of game memes as well as for playing other games together too.

  • Advice/Help. If you’re always dying first on roams, don’t know what you’re doing wrong or going full potato etc. we have some people who’d only be too happy to help.

  • Content. Wherever it is, we’ll find it. We are lucky enough to have great content on our doorstep and have no blue donuts to worry about. But we’re always on the lookout for opportunities to find bigger fights, or to try something different.

What we are looking for:

  • Players willing to take responsibility and to look for content for yourself/corp mates.

  • Omega mains only, no alphas or alts.

  • Most of all, we’re looking for a desire to get better at PvP.

If you want to know more check out our website or ask on our forums at:

Or you can talk to “Sarial Walsh” during USTZ or “Trouble Gum” for EUTZ or any other TZ you need in game or go to our public channel Parroto Social Club -- Public


Testimonial here.

I have flown with most of these guys since before PSC existed. We decided to form PSC as a SIG (special interest group) within Brave Collective over a year ago, and a few months ago we took the plunge, forming our own corp and going out on our own. Our focus has always been PVP, and engaging in styles of PVP that require more individual effort, skill, and energy than anchor+F1. Typically this involves engaging the many as the few.

I like to think that we take the best parts of Brave with us. We’re committed to learning, and happy to support others in their learning. If you can fly a ship that can contribute to a small gang, you can contribute to our corp. You can expect to go on a roam without getting hazed for a mistake, and ask questions or float ideas without made to feel inferior.

We have a wide range of members when it comes to both SP and in-game experience–veterans, relative newbros, and guys still extracting their indy skillpoints to inject small gang ships. As such, we’re welcoming to all levels of SP and experience. We are all constantly learning and we want to add dedicated members who mesh well with the community to learn alongside us. Our core group has also been heavily involved in tournaments like the Alliance Tournament (many of the top 8 Brave AT team are in PSC, as well as other teams) and EveNT.

If you can fly a ship that is relevant to small gang, you’re committed to improvement, and you’re willing to give and take respectful and constructive criticism, PSC may be the place for you.

If you check out our killboard you can see that we have fairly consistent activity across timezones. If you were to log in and send out a ping in Discord, chances are someone is going to go on a roam with you.

As we are still fairly new and we live in NPC null, the content is mostly what you make of it. We do planned fleets with “doctrines” that aren’t small gang, mostly on the weekends in between US and EUTZs.

We have corp options for logistics to get your ships and modules to our stagings in NPC space.

A good fit for PSC would:

-Be able to fly a small gang ship (interceptor, EAF, recon, kiting anti-support platform, etc.)

-Be prepared to graciously give and receive advice/criticism

-Be isk self-sufficient (we don’t have space, so you’ll need to incursion, trade, etc. on your own)

-Generate content for yourself, and for your corp mates. Be around and be willing to ping for a roam. Most of the time all it takes is for one person to suggest a roam and you’ll have 2-6 people with you.

Definitely contact Trouble if you think you are interested. If you would just like to small gang with us, maybe to test the waters, check out our in-game channel "Parroto Social Club -- Public".


This is not a testimonial, this is just a bump and we’re still recruiting!

PSC is still recruiting guys. Check out our public channel in game “Parroto Social Club – Public” to talk to us or maybe see about coming on a roam with us.

Beat the blue donut. Join PSC.

Hi folks. We had an issue with the formatting on our public channel which meant that people couldn’t access it. It has been fixed now so look forward to talking with people there.

Any other issues like that please highlight them to me.

Been with this group for awhile now. As probably the lowest SP of anyone in the corp I can honestly say that joining this group has been my best decision so far in eve. Lots of options can start with basic nano ships I.E. Caracals or intys and more experienced small gang dudes will swap into ships that compliment yours.

If you think you would like to learn small gang with a group who’s main aim is to get better and help those around them get better apply today .

Today’s bump. We had an EUTZ nano gang roam out of Jita, through Thera and into Impass. Poked around a bit and had some good fights with Walka and Req. The video below shows the main ones starting with a Deimos and friends and a second fight with Req Mallers. Unfortunately I was bad and lost my Muninn but at least was able to reship for the second engagement.

Also, the video is cut short because our talented videographer Cog was gunned down in his prime but we traded 2 Aug and 2 Mallers for his Confessor. Anyway, if you are interested in joining PSC or even just want to try out a roam with us hop on our public in game channel listed about or talk to me (EUTZ) or Sarial Walsh (USTZ).

Thanks Req and Walka for the good fights!

Still recruiting guys. Any questions or if you want to join us for a roam let us know through any of the ways listed above!


been playing since December last year, joined PSC as it was a SIG and kept with them as this corp formed.
I learned so much about PvP, Solo and Small Gangs and i ■■■■■■■ love it. Many dudes that can help you enjoying this game.

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Friendly bump of the day! We are still recruiting, I’m EU tz myself and if you have any questions feel free to poke me in game :slight_smile: Also don’t forget to join our public channel in game: Parroto Social Club -- Public

We will also be attending Evesterdam! Great way to meet some of the pilots behind the names and I just might be selling vouches…

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What can I say, best group of people to fly with in Eve in my opinion. Highly ambitious, never afraid to take a fight and some damn fine humans behind the ships. Glad to be able to count myself as one of them, and we’re always looking for more like-minded people to join us.

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This corp completely changed the way I approach the game.

When I first joined PSC, just the prospect of going on a small gang roam and manually piloting around was daunting to me. But everyone in PSC had a really great mentality toward things and were helpful answering questions. It was a very receptive atmosphere for a player like myself who had the desire to not just have fun, but to improve and get good.

But in the end, what I’ve really learned in PSC is to never underestimate the power of memes a ship in the hands of a capable pilot. It’s amazing what you can do with the right amount of skill and know-how.


Tonight PSC ran a Worm fleet through Catch and into Impass. We got a bit of a fight in V-3 killing some stuff but losing one Worm.

We then eventually poked Brave Impass fleet by tackling some Rorq’s. Wasn’t quite a fair fight with a couple of Rorqs, 5 carriers, a super plus a bunch of cruisers, tackle etc. vs our 10 frigates but we didn’t lose anyone and managed to haze a bit of their smaller stuff. All in all a good fight.

That shows what we killed and the worm we lost.

Everyone already touched on the PVP aspects of our corp, and I fall into the same category as everyone else in that I have vastly improved my ability to fly since joining.

But I’d rather focus on the tight knit community that we have. Whether it’s playing stupid trivia games online, or a silly steam game after a long roam or just chatting when you’re out of the house. PSC has the amazing ability to make your day a little bit more fun inside and outside of EVE.

So if you want to PVP your heart out and have a proper good time PSC is the place to be.

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I’ve flown w/ PSC since we were a SIG in Brave (~10 months now). The group has done a great job of curating a small, close-knit group of individuals who are interested in bettering themselves and each other. My corp mates are genuinely high-quality dudes that I’m glad I get to interact with in some form or another on a daily basis.

Roams regularly go out in our most active TZs (USTZ and EUTZ), usually followed by an AAR which includes recordings of the roam so members can reflect and discuss. Generally we roam in the nano gang format. However, medium gangs with our other connections around new eden or more defined meme comps are not uncommon either, and are also a good time.

We’re active in our discord, discussing tactics, the goings-on of Eve in general, fitting discussions and keeping up with each others IRL developments: good, bad and ugly (math tests, woof :sadparrot:). Hit up our in-game channel to learn more or drop by the forums to submit an app.

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Yesterday we had a roam in drakes yesterday against horde. It was a lot of fun. Thanks horde for the good fights!

I got to shout at Alroyz for his 180 degrees turn in oversized prop fleet. It’s a great way to release any stress you build up from the day.

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One thing we like to do occasionally if we only have 2-3 guys is take out T3Ds. They’re really fun to fly and you look more engageable with just a couple of guys in sub-cruisers.

John, Mercury, and I did this the other night. John and I in beam 'fessors and Mercury in a rail hecate. We left from Jita and made our way towards Horde space. Unfortunately we ran into a gate camp in EWOK-K. A couple of domis, a garmur, a sabre, and if I recall correctly a couple cruisers.

As we bounce around gate tacs the garmur starts burning in. We stay aligned out and let him get about 15km into our damage range before lighting him up. He drops quick. Shiny too.

We still didn’t like our chances of getting through the bubble so we decide to go the long way around. Unfortunately more of these guys log in and start chasing. Mercury, who grabbed the loot from the garmur and brought it a few jumps to high sec, has to log off. This leaves just John and I. We end up getting separated as John gets caught in a last second bubble by the sabre.

We spend the next 5-10 minutes fighting our own battles on opposite sides of the gate. Both of us have some really close calls and I nearly managed to drop a keres but he just started catching hero reps from an exeq.

Eventually I manage to get back to John in WW-KGD and I start burning out of the bubble on gate. We see this as a chance to maybe kite some of these guys out but a malediction dives hard right away and points me before I can warp off. Shortly thereafter he scrams me. I overheat, make sure I’m aligned, and pray that we can melt him quickly as I spam warp. Luckily we pop him before more tackle and dps arrives and I warp out safely.

With both our routes to Horde space blocked and us now being chased, we decide to call it a night. Only two kills at the end of it all but no losses and some nice loot. Overall a very fun roam. Normally this is where I would link the recording since I almost always record our roams but on this night I forgot. So instead I will link a recording of one of our other T3D roams. Check it out.

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Battle report from a recent roam where myself and Tay had some fun with Horde: