[joke] An EvE player goes for a job interview

The interviewing manager handed the EvE player his laptop and said, “I want you to try and sell me this.” So the EvE player put the laptop under his arm, walked out of the building, and went home.

The manager called the EvE player’s mobile and said, “Bring back my laptop right now!”

The EvE player responded “$5000 and it’s all yours!”

He didn’t get the job, somehow…


He clearly overprized the labtop. Can´t see anything else wrong here.


Did he get the money?

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I heard he got the money and kept the laptop cause he didn’t want that job anyway.






The ONLY right response :sunglasses:

If you’ll just give me access to your company’s funds, I guarantee I can double them overnight. Look, it’s easy, I know how to do it. It just takes a little patience…

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I bet he can play EVE Online on the laptop and read the forums.

I disassembled your laptop and found out it’s worth 10.000, you will have to pay me at least 7.000 to get it back.

(steals it anyway after getting paid and makes a funny post on forums about carebears)


He was handed a laptop navy but gave back a T1 laptop :sunglasses:

Nice necro.

And no he gave back the original laptop but it had a few scratches, errr killmarks. And a lil bit of blood.

Interviewer: “What can you tell me about your strengths?”
Ship Fitter: “I’m very good at collecting and comparing numerical data about multiple things from multiple sources, analyzing them, and arriving at optimal combinations of them.”
Interviewer: “Optimizing them? How so?”
Ship Fitter: “Well, to make them better than other sets of data they’re likely to get in a fight with. Of course!”
Interviewer: …?

Interviewer: “Tell me about your people skills.”
Solo/small gang PVPer: “Oh, I excel at that. I think outside of the box, while making the other person think I’m thinking inside the box, while also reading if they’re thinking inside or outside of the box. Not to brag, but my record shows that I’m pretty good at that.”
Interviewer: …?

Interviewer: “Well, we’ve talked about your impressive skills and strengths you could bring to the position. Do you have any weaknesses or areas that are not your strong point?”
Eve Player: Good one! ‘No, of course not.’ Nice trap/bait/scam attempt there!" :wink:
Interviewer: …

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I’m applying for a job at CCP or related companies and investments / investors and I’m here for an interview.

I’m also not supposed to do it as an ingame player and talk about it in the forums to keep my anonymity and what not, for privacy policy.