Journey of a noob

Short background.

I used to play EvE for about 4-6 months back in 2005 and haven’t played since, so I started this journey with a tiny bit of knownledge from back then.
I thought it would be fun, writing down my experiences with eve as a new/returning player as I progress into the game, and see what the future brings.

Day 1.

After fiddling with the char-creating for about 45mins, I finally decided on a gallente toon. I already have a goal in sight, which is a focus on trading.
I recently started having an interest in stocks in rl, and with a market as complex as the one in EvE, I thought this will be a fun challenge to see, if I can make some isk playing the trading game.

So I finally log in, and start completing the tutorial. I found it quite helpfull, getting to know the controls, and what all the buttons om the interface means.
I did a few missions in the starter hub, and decided, that since I like to semi afk due to kids and RL interrupt my gameplay, mining would be a decent start to my adventure.
I purchased the “silver pack” to get some plex and omega status, as I quickly noticed the limits of beeing an alpha pilot ( skills )

I sold some of my plex I recieved from the “silver pack” and with the starting cash I made from missions, I bought my first ship. a Venture and fitted it with:

Mining Laser Upgrade I

Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
ML-3 Scoped Survey Scanner

EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
Salvager I

Small Core Defense Field Extender I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I

Hobgoblin I x2

I spend the next few hours mining veldspar and scordite in my starting area of Couster, figuring out how to process the ore.

Day 2:

More mining, I spend a long time looking at the market, as its quickly becomming clear, that the venture and t1 mining lasers are dreadfully slow, i’ve decided to aim for an upgrade in a retriever, but the lack of skills needed to fly one has put a stop to that for now. 2½ more days of skill training before I can even fly one. I flew around buying the skillbooks needed to fly a mining barge and quede the skills.
I chatted abit in the “rooking help” and got a few offers to join random corps, and tons of people trying to get me to remake my account using their “refeer a friend” link, im having none of it. I dont know anyone, and dont feel like I can neither commit or add anything to a corp yet.

Again, I spend alot of time looking at the market, and then I saw the price of a retriever. 36mil isk. Ouch!
Building it myself might be the way to go! so I went off mining again, it’s nice and relaxing in highsec and I could pretty much stay afk until the cargohold was filled ( which take 20ish mins with my ineffective mining lasers ) I dont fear loosing my ship, as it’s pretty worthless.
After a few runs, processing the ore into it’s refined counterpart, I thought i had a decent stock to start taking a look at how to build a retriever, and what other materials I would need. Once again, I spend some time looking up the stuff on the market.

Retriever Blueprint.

Sweet mother of all that is holy, Eve just kicked me in the nuttsack, 2.2bil isk!
I think I need to rethink my strategy, maybe getting into a hauler of some sort buy low, sell high in different sectors, I dunno.

I spend my last isk, grabbing a “Strip miner 1” blueprint, as I will need em if/when I do get a retriever. with a price of 16mil for the blueprint vs 5mil for the strip miner 1, I thought this could be a start.
If I can gather the materials needed to build some of these, I’ll have strip miners ready by the time I get a retriever, and I can convert my raw materials into something sellable on the market.

I went on a trip to 0.4 in order to mine some Jaspet, as that is one of the resources required for the strip miner. I was abit worried of players attacking me, but went anyway.
As I warped to the astroid belts, I was greeted by some npc rats. Luckely I had my 2 hobgoblin drones, which I hoped would take care of that problem.
"You cannot launch drones as you lack “Light Drone Operation 1” skill
I then abandoned the idea of mining Jaspet today and went and bought the above skillbook.
decided to call it a night after that…

Day 3:

I bought another ship today, an Atron to do some combat, as most of the missions involve combat in one way or another. spend a good hour fitting it for close combat with cheap T1 stuff ( no rigs )
I then started on the Business career agent, and spend the next few hours doing quests.
I managed to get to the last step. craft 1000 rounds of anti-matter charge ammo.
After recieving the blueprint copy, I took a look at the materials needed, and was pleased to see I had everything needed, except… Nocxium.

After abit of searching, I found my answer. Jaspet… aka… time to hit lowsec and see if I can mine enough Jaspet to finish this final step.
I jumped into my mining fitted Venture ( with the 2 mighty Hobgoblin drones, of which I currently only have the skill to launch one ) and started on my 7 jump journey to the nearest 0.4 sector which… according to the agency --> resources tab should have Jaspet.

As I entered the system, I switched to the local chat, so far so good, only 3 other people in this sector.
I warped to the different astroid belts, but all of them had been mined out. I practiced some fighting with an npc cruiser, speeding around it with my 1 hobgoblin slooooowly killing it… or so I thought, cause after it finally chewed through the shield, it was not able to do enough damage to go through the armor. I aborted the fight, recalling the drone, and decided to head deeper into lowsec.

Next jump took me to 0.3
5 people in local this time, this is scary… I warped to an astroid belt, and see 2 wrecks, but in this sector, the ore is still here.
I warp to the next belt and find no players or rats. I quickly lock on to some pure Jaspet and start mining, while keeping an orbit with afterburner on, so I can hopefully warp away if someone shows up. I keep a close eye on the overview.
5 mins pass, and I managed to get the first 500 pure jaspet into the hold, and then… ■■■■ hit the fan.
a player shows up on the overview, and I immidiately hit warp to 0 to the stargate.
I am hit. once… twice… thrice with rockets. Shields go all red, armor next, the hull… takes the 3rd blast.
“Warp drive active”
I escape! I cant believe my luck shield and armor are gone, and my hull is held together by luck and ducktape. I decide that i’ve probably used up my luck for today and head back to my agent.
Thankfully there’s no expire time on the last part of the quest, so I’ll see what I can do about the remaining Nocxium I need tomorrow…

Day 4


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If you’re going to go any kind of afk you need to be ok with losing the occasional mining ship and writing it off as operating expenses. It takes seconds to destroy a mining ship and there are people that hunt folks that go afk, especially in hisec; familiarise yourself with Code and set their alliance to 'orrible bastards in the standings submenu of the overview.

If you’re not ok with that you should dock up every time rl or the kids interrupt you; it’s two clicks and it’ll save your ass. Still do the standings thing, they’ll show up red in local.

Have fun :smiley:


Contracts> Retriever Blueprint Copy

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