July release - General feedback

Hello ! Can you please add button like “cancel”, or “denie this sample”. Because sometimes its impossible to do some samples, those like a white noise, no upper or down points, and you jast fail it. It wasnt so hard on test server, but for now it seems important to have button like this, for example, i have 5 times successively samples that i couldnt do, so i fail them 5 times, and now i have 35 % accurancy. So if you can it would be awesome to add button like “abbandone this sample” (cuz at the moment its impossible to denie some sample), when you cant done this sample.
Thanks for attention
This was a feedback about Discovery Project.

I thought the way to make money with t3s now was to part-out and sell the hull.

ETA: Oh, I see you got it!


Can anyone explain me which actions are required to find the exoplanet from tutorial 7/10.
I’ve tried several times and seem to have similar difficulty with others once the tutorial is complete.

Or just make samples more easier for player, cuz humans are not machines, we dont have algoritms which we can use to figure out where the exoplanet.

When I ran a combat site after the update was applied I was hearing smartbomb explosions after a rat died. This is literally what they are. I really hope the old explosion sounds come back…


After todays patch when i warp into cloud havens fps drop to 0 and it freezes until well after i landed in the site. I can run at absolute max at 1080 no problem, now even if i crank all settings low as they go this still occurs.I have deleted the entire eve folder and reinstalled and this is still occurring.

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Please either remove the ship explosion sounds, or bake in a method for us to independently disable them.


I think these explosion sounds are actually buggy/broken, and not working as intended, as zooming out makes no difference to their volume, unlike it does for everything else (except music, of course.) I do hope they’re fixed soon, as they’re making it extremely unpleasant to play (in fact, I haven’t been, as a result - there’s only so much of it I could take…)


You made the hangars darker again. -.-

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Dear CCP first you stole us lot of granularity in the sondsettings (who we need more not less!)
Now we have to do a workarround and turn off your fancy ship explosions in the grafic settings! to cut of a explosion sound? Are you kidding?

Oh boy you know your playerbase is older as in other games and therefore even more mature, adult and liberated as in hello kitty online.
You hit us every time realy hard in our faces with those kind of stolen functionality and than additional “bugs” connected to.

So pls fix those explosions asap and pay the devtime for a proper “pro” user soundmenu!
It cant be that hard to make a place where we can play the sounds in and adjust them how we need it.
It could even be in 3 states like standard, advanved and pro user
(hey and if you give them some profiles we could share like the overview settings?)
Thats not to make your life harder. Its for all a better life to turn off sounds we dont need or in the actual case turn off sounds you broke^^

Yes i remember the gong and now this explosions driving me crazy even if using more as one client. Its not funny anymore.



(On the Issues thread, the devs have indicated that the explosions are being addressed. However, as for the “advanced” sound settings… ahem!)

You know what had great sound… Dust 514! With the Sony Surround sound head phones you could hear cloakie minitar scouts trying to sneak up on you. You got just enough notice to turn around in your heavy suit and forge gun them in the face!!

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Humans also have a phenomenal capability to find patterns in noise that aren’t really there.

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I’m noticing a few reddish flashes when I undock from Minmatar stations. Or it could just be rust flakes passing my ship’s camera…

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“The contents of a Corp office in an Upwell Structure will now become impounded when the office is removed. The impounded items can be retrieved by re-renting an office in the same location, or moving the items into asset safety if available.”

Am I the only one to notice that a number of the Corp offices in player built outposts were unrented during the patch? On re-renting all of the assets had gone. Most of our assets had been put into citadels, but all our t2 production was still in the Station. I have submitted a bug report and am awaiting an answer. I have asked several other CEO’s and they have found the same thing. There is nothing found in impounded or asset safety. The extract above seems to be on a different subject.

Please Devs, could we have an update on this.

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It certainly did. Prepare for some nostalgia.

Same happened to our Corp Offices. Filing bug report.

I’d like to say “mighty good job” with the Rupture redesign: subtle, yet a significant improvement, without compromising the ship’s identity - pretty much as with the Vexor redesign. I particularly like the somewhat retro-looking gun-port covers - enhances the ship’s race-identity.

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OK Folks, with the new patch came 2 small features, both of which I find extremely annoying. One is a blue flash when a targeted ship gets destroyed. Annoying, distracting, but I can live with it. There is also , however, a sound that plays when an enemy ship blows up. It sounds like a gunshot. I’ve tried to isolate it in advanced sound settings, but cannot seem to turn it off. I will be playing with SOUND OFF for as long as this sound exists. YES IT’S THAT BAD.

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The explosions are new? That’s funny. I’ve been away for a while and only popped in to mess with The Agency on Singularity. I heard the sounds and assumed they’d been around for a bit, and just thought to myself, ‘hmm. that’s different.’

I don’t have an issue with them except the delay on the final explosion. I think we’re making the same mistake as the 2001: A Space Odyssey cinematic camera. In grand movie explosions the final implosion and kaboom are delayed and dramatic. But for repetitive explosions in space around you in EVE, the delayed timing of the sound effect is really hard to keep track of. Most of the time I was already looking in a different direction and the killed ship was already dropped from working memory. It was so disorienting that in the middle of volleys at some other target, the unexpected sound more or less made me think, ‘wait, what’s exploding?’

I think the sound effect would be more satisfying if the big caboom was almost immediate. Press butan get bacon ya know?

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