July release - Issues

We are excited to announce the deployment of the EVE Online July release on July 11.

Please use this thread to report issues.

Quick info

Project Discovery - Exoplanets
Rebalance of Tech-3 cruisers
Patch notes
EVE Updates

This release brings phase two of Project Discovery, where pilots in New Eden will assist in real world science by searching for Exoplanets in conjunction with the University of Reykjavik, the University of Geneva and Massively Multiplayer Online Science. Additionally, we see a fundamental revamp of all tech-3 strategic cruisers.

The July release also brings new “Firewall Breach” SKINs in celebration of the Minmatar Republic’s Liberation Day, SKINs for Strategic Cruisers, further graphical enhancements with an overhaul of the visual assets for NPC battlestations, as well as a redesign of the Rupture, Muninn and Broadsword, plus many more fixes and improvements that make New Eden a better place.

###Additional information threads
General discussion and feedback (PC)
General feedback and issues (Mac)

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Known issues

  • Ship Explosion sounds are incorrectly tied to the UI Sounds slider.
  • Ship Explosion sounds do not attenuate at distance.
  • In some combat situations missiles fired by others may appear to originate from the active ship.

User Interface

  • In some rare cases it is no longer possible to open the character sheet. This is caused by removed T3 subsystem skills left in the skill queue. Customer Support can help by resetting your skill queue.

Project Discovery: Exoplanets

  • Sample ID is not shown if you have entered the tutorial within a session.
  • Initial curves after the tutorial are too difficult.

I’m unable to access corporation hangers in our Fortizar since the patch today.

Is this the right place to feedback- seems empty…

We are currently investigating this issue. I assume this is the case also for other corp members in this specific Fortizar?

And yes, this is the correct forum thread for this - but it would be great if you could also send a bug report.

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True for the one other thats on.

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My corporation office from an outpost (not upwell structure) is gone after the patch, not just unable to open it, it doesn’t even appear. We had most of our stuff in there (including some t3 cruisers and subsystems). I submitted a ticket too, but at the moment I can’t even refit the ships I had outside of the corp hangar. It does not appear under the impounded tab either in the corporation assets.

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My Legion kept his covert subsystem (probably because it was equipped)

However, my Tengu pilot has not retained any of the covert subsystems… I think they were all converted to the Supplemental Screening subsystem?

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Please read the post you replied to :wink:

“Corp offices in Outposts are not visible (Offices are still there and no items have been lost)”

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Was this fitted subsystems? Non fitted subsystems go through a different conversion process, which will convert them to non covert subs.

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Ah sorry, misread it, thinking it was for citadel. Any ETA on fix? I want to try out the t3 cruisers, but I can’t access any of my fits or ships :frowning:

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No ETA yet, but rest assured, we’re working on it right now! Sorry for the inconvenience!


It is just me or NPC explosion sounds are totally borked after update?
I’ve submitted BR-125860 mainly to include the log with exceptions.

Video: https://streamable.com/35n72


Correct, I don’t think they were fitted at the time… I have no covert setups now tho :stuck_out_tongue: ugh
That they would not be converted to covert (unless fitted), was this mentioned? I only saw the suggestion to dock up in a safe place :confused:

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Since the update, ships exploding in anomalies and cosmic signature combat sites (missions untested yet, will check shortly) have been unpleasantly noisy: the sound effect is too high-pitched and with too much reverb/echo, and also doesn’t attenuate with distance - so, zoomed all the way out, the battle is silent yet the ship explosions are still at full volume. The effect is akin to rifle shots echoing across a valley. Also, because of the crippled “advanced” audio controls, there appears to be no way to isolate this sound and turn it down selectively (I tried all sliders except UI-related ones.)


It is not just you (check my post to compare, if desired.)


Its unfortunate, but as they were moving categories we chose to make sure you have one subsystem of each type over having the covert subsystem to hand. This is in the spreadsheet linked in the patch notes.

Already posted here, but realized this topic might be more suited.

Project Discovery’s samples are showing patterns that are virtually indistinguishable from background noise. People are reportedly failing the analysis because there is really no common sense in the detection, or any practical way the human eye can detect that sort of patterns.

Love the feature, but there seems to be no real way to spot these transits correctly.

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As @Kiauze I’m also getting strange results in Project Discovery with the my analysis of the samples failing when there are no obvious transits.

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