July release - Issues

“existing subsystems that are not fit to a Strategic Cruiser will be directly transformed into their closest functional equivalent…”

So how does a Covert subsystem not get converted to a Covert subsystem if it wasn’t equipped? Why else would I have had it sitting around lol

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Because if you had one of each types of sub before the patch you would end up with 2 defensive subs and no offensive subs afterwards. Either way, people would lose out, and we chose this to be the lesser of two evils.

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Hello, update seems good, but i have problem with my launchers on Tengu:

Same problem with Heavy assault and Heavy launchers.

in my item hangar my Covert sub was turned into a Def Supplemental Screening (I think two of them at different stations actually)

how is that the “closest functional equivalent” - I totally get what you are saying about installed subs tho…

anyways… I will just do a ticket… I should have posted this with that character (Toepick), but maybe a gm can change one of them to a Covert?

Still curious if other people were left with a Covert sub in their hangars or if they all got wiped lol

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That would be this issue? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Exactly !

Corp offices and assets are gone.

On both my sov, outposts state “Offices available: 0”

Were any other skills apart from the T3C Electronics subsystem refunded?

One of my characters has 2,304,000 unallocated SP and I cannot figure out why he has that much.

They are also incorrectly placed on the Legion (there’s the one in slot 6 that’s flipped by 180° inwards). I’m pretty sure there’s also some misalignments on Proteus and Loki, but I can’t check those.

It also included the related T3 industry skill. :slight_smile:

unable to compress ore in e complex

D’oh of course.

Thank you!

weeee unallocated SP

High GPU usage in hangar not fixed!!!
Last month I asked what would be at 60 fps
And here is the answer. Only 39 FPS in full hd on radeon 390! :rage:
Honestly, it’s ridiculous!
In combat situations, I almost always have 60 fps
CCP please stop mine cryptocurrency with my Radeon. Buy your own Radeon!

I am getting EXTREMELY loud drone sounds and explosions, even when zoomed out all the way.

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Additionally, I have since tested in a mission, and the same issue is manifested. Bugreport EBR-125901 submitted.

There seems to be a small bug in the UI - on the HUD - the Sensor Overlay: the compass ring scan animation seems to freeze and not fade out after it makes its cycle.

The Bonus Links Subsystems and Shield and Armor Remote Repping Subsystems did not get convert to their “closest” equivalents, the Support Subsystem. They converted to weapon subsystems both when fitted on ships and when in hangars.

This means all reppers and linkers will have to buy Support Subsystems to perform those roles. The prices are already heading for the moon.

Is this what CCP intended? Or did I do something that caused this?

Would moving stuff to the corporation deliveries be possible if the fix takes too long? I personally would rather sort out everything and play, than having to wait for access to my ships and fits.

I only have 2 covert subs from the 4 I had pre-patch… the sub conversion is a total mess! It turns out that a covert offensive sub is not worthy to become a covert defensive sub - at least according to CCP… Also seems to make a difference if they were fitted…

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This wouldn’t be any quicker I’m afraid. I can tell you though that the fix has just been submitted to our testing environments and testing will begin as soon as possible.

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