July release - Issues

Smartbomb sounds appearing at intervals while ratting… Doing Forsaken Hubs currently. Yes, Im not smartbomb ratting :slight_smile:

First login it took me 5 minutes to go from launcher to login screen. Then the game colors are all complete ■■■■, like 256 colors or something. But only on 1 out of 2 clients (switching clients between screens shows that it is a game bug and not related to the screen) Restarting the client solved the issue and the colors went back to normal.

Seems stable…



I’m having problems with some CREST API routes now, for instance some item types seem to be missing
but the href is legit

heres an example,

Ibis is here in https://crest-tq.eveonline.com/inventory/types/
( JSON: {“id_str”: “601”, “href”: “https://crest-tq.eveonline.com/inventory/types/601/”, “id”: 601, “name”: “Ibis”}, )

but the referenced href https://crest-tq.eveonline.com/inventory/types/601/
is giving a 500 internal server error

also some others are missing, while most items seem to work

tried at about 7:16 pm CET,

I had no problems with the API yesterday, so I guess it could be linked to the update or it’s a maybe a caching issue related with the update


The Legion Support sub, and the Tengu Hybid sub are both missing from the market categories and thus cannot be bought/sold on the market currently.

I have a 390 and get over 100fps in the hangar, I think you have a hardware issue on your end.

I noticed that there is no mention of the subsystem bay in t3 Cruiser’s attributes

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I see them without problems. You may want to check if you have the option “Show only available” off in the market settings

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Could not fix the bugged planetary.
Could only kill the T3Cs. And draw unnecessary skins to them.

Great job CCP! Great job…

Hmm yea looks like some odd cache issue or something, I always have that setting checked, and they were not showing. A re-log has caused them to show themselves.

Please submit a bug via the in game F12 menu, we’ll be happy to have a look at what went wrong for you.


This is very old and has been told to CCP with a bug report by me or one of my chars months ago.

Same problem here with the Warfare Processor and the Shield and Armor Remote Repping Subs. I had both in my hangar and they all got converted to weapons subs. How about we just admit a screw up instead of sandbagging it.

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Again, as this functionality moved to a different type, we gave you one of the correct type, rather than matching the functionality. Once again, this was an intentional decision to make sure that you could always assemble a T3 after the change with the subsystems you had. Either way would have caused complaints, there was no way around this.

If the change you observed matches the change in this spreadsheet, then it is correct and we have no plans to adjust it.

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I really don’t want to create drama here Lebowski but this answer is “rope-a-dope”.

Anticipating the problem with fitted subsystems, prior to the patch, I went through all my and my corp’s link and repper (armor and shield) T3s and either moved the Warfare Processors and Repper Susbystems to my item hangar or made sure I had enough shield/armor reppers in my item hangar to cover any that I left fitted to ships.

ALL of the subsystems in my hangar converted to something other than the Support Subsystem. There is no question about having the right number of modules on fitted ships — zero. They did NOT convert to the “closest functional” equivalent. I am missing about 20 subsystems which I will now have to buy. The huge price spike should tell you this is not an isolated case.

If this was the intention it is what it is and I will move on. How about a “yeah, we made a mistake, so live with it”, rather than a “rope-a dope” answer.


With medium shaders quality i have over 100 fps too but high quality shaders in hangar just like 3d mark stress test for gpu. My laptop suffers from the same problem but in lower resolution. So this not hardware issue on my side, it’s just lazy dev teams.

With the probe scanner window open, listing all anomalies, when i warp to one, uppon landing, the whole probe window refreshes and gives me updated distances to other anomalies.

this is a huuuuuuge QOL improvement, except it happened like 3x out of 50, is this a wanted change ?because i cannot see it in the changelog, and cannot make it refresh on its own each time i warp to an anomaly, this refresh is totally random…

i would love this to be an actual thing, just dunno how that happened…

So if there is a difference in the market value you will compensate the difference or give isk to replace the subsystem with the equivelant that was previously owned?

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I agree.

I’m truly sorry that you are unhappy with this but your assessment is not fair in the slightest.

The patchnotes were released on Friday of last week telling you precisely what would change into what, and those changes have been executed exactly as specified. In reality, it sounds like you made assumptions without consulting the information we provided, and those assumptions were incorrect.

If you have found something that didn’t work as we told you 4 days ago then we can talk, otherwise I’m sorry, it stays as is.

Thanks, I have bought the new modules and moved on.

This is not worth the effort.

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