July release - General feedback

CCP Lebowski - I have read your replies to others on the loss of Station Offices on the Dev posts thread. I know that this has affected all offices in at least 4 of our Alliance’s Outposts, and some of a neighbouring Alliance, and the situation is ongoing. If you need the bug report notice drop me a message.

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@CCP Lebowski: The audio issue with sites also applies to Relic sites (but not Data): when I clear the site and warp off, the explosion noise from the site despawning is always at 100% (not to mention the sound itself is much higher on the pitch spectrum than I find pleasant).

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Still getting the explosions after warping off from sites.

Worse now the explosions are just a loud bang.

somebody posted in the “issues” thread (where I should have posted my issue, but won’t double-post so it’s stuck here) the sound sounds an awful lot like the smartbomb sound.

So it’s not just the explosions from NPC ships being attached to the wrong slider. There are other sites affected as well. And the sound is not the same as when, for example, a can explodes after a failed hacking attempt (which remains quite nice).

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Random mission structures also remain unchanged and make the correct explosion sounds.

EVE’s narrative could be adjusted to something like Dark Souls where death is a core mechanic

Try fitting a Loki. With its split armor/shield and missile/ac it is really broken.

IMHO ccp’s idea of trying to fit each ship in some sort of ill defined role is impossible – all they do is shuffle the deck and create new flavors of the month while angering the people who are invested in the particular ship that gets nerfed. It is not healthy and violates the principals of the sandbox. The T3 nerfs are really egregious as ccp has made it so that only certain fits are viable - if you want to fly a covert t3 you have to fit it this way; if you want a combat t3 you have to fit it that way; etc. . . CCP dictating how ships must be fit (even if it is done in this circuitous manner) is utterly against the sandbox.


My feedback is i see more bugs in UI, explosions now sound like smartbomb and they propagate thru empty space infinitly and there is some hard minigame.

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Mine is that the “revamped T3 cruisers” was a stealth nerf, again… My tengu fits have suffered from that.

Farming fits lost resistances/shield booster efficiency and have bigger signature, etc. And the rare ones who could go PVP aren’t good anymore. Less shield hitpoints, 70 less resistance points (it wasn’t weak enough :roll_eyes: ), more signature, less scan res, less damage, etc… Whatever the brainstorming I do, there are serious losses everywhere.

Thanks, really. Another bad nerf to your collection.

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Re: Project Discovery:
So I can learn from my mistakes a bit more, I would like to still have the ability to fold and manipulate the graph after getting “Analysis Failed.”

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Personally I am quite irate the market borked today, and I’m expecting it’s related to the patches. So here’s my informal complaint to the new forums, hooray!

Hello CCP,

I really don’t care about the excuses of how or why the changes to the T3 Cruiser sub-systems were done. The fact that you nerfed the hell out of those ships despite player feedback is a gigantic slap in the face.

What I don’t like most is the fact that I as well as 100’s of other players had full set’s of the old T3 sub-systems before the game patch change and then afterwards found the set’s were partially complete with excessive amounts of duplicate sub-systems added to our inventory.

Granted I sold all of the excess sub-systems and bought what was available in market to replace missing sub-systems. However not all sub-systems are available so now I have to make a needless trip to Jita market just to replace sub-systems that I previously had owned.

Since we’re on the subject of T3’s, whoever designed the visual representations of the hull configurations when fitted with certain sub-systems needs to be fired. I want my Loki Locust look back.

After playing this game for over 9 years I have to say I’m seriously disappointed in how you guys conduct game changes now.


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Whats up with the container naming and other issues with naming things while docked (live in a citadel so don’t know if it effects stations)?

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