Jump Bridge (hi-sec, low, 0.0)

EVE over the other MMO, or they do something entirely differently, like doing sports, spending time with friends, going to a rave or for a drink, stealing a horse (and bringing it back later), reading a book (or writing one), having drunk discussions about politics or art, listening to what ones kids did during the day.

I mean, I sympathize with the idea to make finding fun fights faster, but I’m not sure your proposal is a solution to that. Even from Highsec it is relatively easy to find a wormhole chain out to some Null. If you don’t want to bother, use a Jump Clone. Here is where I would change things to more Clones per day. If one area is dead, go jump to another. This would increase the incentive for NPC Null and Lowsec people to have a proper market running, whereas your idea would make moving so easy that it would devalue everyone who JFs stuff out to there.

I don’t see the need and I think it will have a huge negative impact.



When i form a fleet of 40 pilots in Jita, jumpclones just will not work
It could be a bit easier if ccp didn’t make BS to warp for years

Right, but since it’s also completely unrealistic that someone is putting up Stargates to NPC Null just to let you do your roam or someone else is gonig to accept such a gate within their area of influence, I’m not sure how this would help you.

My roams were just an example, or you think i am the only one who start pvp advantures from Jita? Or that it is the only reason i give to implement it? It was completely unrealistic that someone will make a cruiser with DPS of BS and with Tanking of BS, but one day CCP made T3 cruiser.
Gamedevelopers just make tools and give them to players, gamedev never know how exactly player will use it.

So why dont you use the tools you have to solve the problem?

This tools make me and a lot of people quit EVE. Check the PCU, dude. Check the space in 0.0
I came back only because of streaming it in Youtube. People want me to stream and donate for it.

You not being bothered to set up your roams properly is destroying the PCU?

Huh, well if thats the case the solution is clear.

train the cyno alts like the rest of us ya bumms


Many people who organize roams from Trade Hubs use Wormholes to get to their area of destination. Thinking that any Null entity would stand idly by when others anchor Stargates in order to have easier access to the whaling grounds, is a bit weird tbh. The use of such mechanics would realistically only benefit those who have the power to keep it standing.

Anyhow, putting limitations on how and where to move material, such as ships or ressources, is an integral part of the risk/effort/reward mechanics of the game. If everybody can simply take 5 gatejumps from Jita into NPC Nulls ratting grounds, where exactly is the effort? Also the other way around: if NPC Null inhabitants can simply re-supply by taking 5 gatejumps to Jita.

I get it, CCP may or may not introduce it and people will use it in several ways, some of which are not foreseeable. Some ways however are foreseeable and I don’t see why you don’ just scan down Wormholes for a roam.

Do you think that i’m not aware about WH? Have you formed fleet with 40 pilots with half of it in battleships? You always forget that bridgejumps are not for free? And that the only purpose of anchoring bridge is to earn money. And as more jumps u have, as more isk one earns. Why should i care about who keep it standing? Who can keep it standing will deside where it will lead and i’m fine with that. Anyway small forces that cannot keep bridge in null will be able to keep it in high, just like with the citadels. I see a huge cashflow through this jumpbridges and cashflow is always good for eve.

You mean the most cowardly tactic in the game?



You miss typed “Mid 2015”

Nobody cares about how hard you’re finding it to teleport a 40man fleet to the other end of the map. Grow a pair. Why the hell would you form a 40 man fleet at Jita if you’re planning on flying in Nul anyway?

You’re playing a geeky video game stop talking like you’re rambo. EvE requires conflict generating bottlenecks regardless what you think. You probably use other ones.


Right, but I like to think there are people, who undock with the goal to lose their ship in a glorious fight, they fly around a bit, until they meet a likeminded, they smile, they nod and then they rip each other apart. Just because they can, just because it’s fun and just because that’s among the best things EVE has to offer.

Whatever people like, though. I don’t judge and I’ve done a bunch of gatecamping. It certainly depends how you do it, but you can do it in pretty risky ways too. Was fun to do solo gatecamps without scouts. Just sitting there, fighting whoever came through. I think part of the problem is how extremely easy it is to avoid any fights. This leads to the need to camp or gank or dunk people. There are many guys who do all of that, while they would actually prefer to just have interesting fights, that prove to be a challenge.

Most people I know sooner or later grow tired of camping or hunting stupid ratters. These targets are always there and you’ll always catch a bunch of them, get your loot, get your killmails, but after so and so long it just stops being fun. It’s not enough challenge.

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No i did not

No, the blob of gankers are those honoring themselves with ‘elite pvp’ status.

You sound like you like to pick fights with indys and noobs too.

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Well, I suppose we are all entitled to our opinions. You can have yours, I have mine, others have theirs.

So heres mine on the subject:

  1. Currently game allows far too much movement. This holds true with everything that is capital, regardless if its for mining, logistics, or combat.

  2. Game needs more, not less choke points and check points. Things are too out of whack in regards to this. There is no risk to traveling caps up until they get near their destination. This is supposed to be risk vs reward game. Where is the travel risk for cap fleets ? Sub caps have risks jumping through gates and holes, where is the cap equivalent ?

  3. There need to be severe limitations on cap travel, while at the same time hitpoints on all structures, citadels etc. need to be severly limited so that they do not require so many caps as they do now. once that is done jump fatigue can be put back into place and in fact even moreso and on freighters as well.

A tradehub would be the last location where I would stage for PVP. Especially when I would plan a roam to 0.0. But some people probably don´t know that much of strategy, I suppose.

If you do that more often than at one time, and if you are going to the same space, everybody that noticed that will know how to stop you easy enough. A JB wouldn´t help, when it comes to the brains-department.
That advice was for free.


Well yeah I have been accused of that, but at the same time most of my PvP is generated by flying around suspect so really I’ll fight anyone with the balls to have a go :slight_smile: and constantly run the risk of being ganged up on by literally anyone else who wants to join in. I spent most of my time under dec from all the big mercenary groups too so feel free to say more about my cowardly playstyle dude :wink:

Who’s your main btw?