Jump Clone Listing Lozenge Colours

At the moment I have six jump clones set up.

There are notable differences between the implant sets - broadly speaking I have setups for mining, PI, missioning, freighting and so on.

As you can see from the picture below, when I look at the jump clone list ( Character Sheet > Jump Clones) the clone symbols (the picture of a head in a lozenge to the left-hand side) are blue and some are turquoise.

Why is this please? What does it indicate?

For what it’s worth it’s not the station background because I’ve checked the list in mid-space (eg against a neutral background) and it’s the same colouration differential.

I thought i read that it was something to do with The green/turquoise ones may have implants on them, and the blue ones do not… Don’t remember for sure.

They’ve all got various implants on them @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras but thanks any way.

I’ve only got 3 clones and the only green one, is actually the Location I’m in.
I tried looking through the feedback thread when this change happened, can’t really see any info about the color, even the patch notes didn’t say anything, just said overhauled.

Also, why is this in NCQA?? you’re not new lol. And you’d be more prone to get an answer from someone who actually knows the difference in the colors by putting this in General Discussion, to which you can change it yourself when you edit the topic.

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Fair point. Edited. I guess I posted it there first because I felt a bit like a noob for not knowing!

The green ones are fresh, and the blue ones haven’t been touched in a while, so they’re all iced-over.

Make sure to rotate your clones often, or the implants will start taking frost damage!

Without more details on the clones, it is a bit hard to form a hypothesis and test it.

Without revealing the specific implants installed and systems they live in, can you provide some additional context?

Examples of items that may impact coloration:

  • Sec status of host station
  • NPC station vs PC station vs PC ship with cloning bay
  • Distance from current station
  • Number of implants in each clone
  • Similarities between implant sets
  • ???

If someone else also has 6 clones, please screen shot yours to see if the slot coloration is universal or varies between players? If possible, include the first letter of the clone identification, and first letter of the system of residence, to rule out an alphabetical sort as changing the order of colors if the colors are the same for all players but in different spots.

Thanks for your reply @Mkikaden_Tiragen.

High-security space.

Not quite sure what a PC Ship with cloning bay is but all the clones are located in NPC stations. I thought it might have something to do with whether there was a clone bay or not but I don’t think it’s that.

Top to bottom:
C1 station with a clone bay
C2 station without a clone bay
C3 station without a clone bay
C4 station without a clone bay
C5 station with a clone bay
C6 station with a clone bay

I did once have a clone located in a player-owned structure which I promptly lost (implants and all) when some piratical fool decided to blow it up. Needless to say, I won’t be making that mistake again!

I’m not sure that this is a factor either because they’re located in stations quite far apart from each other and having warped to a different location, and thus changed the warp distances considerably (I’m currently in one of the systems where one of the clones is located) nothing has changed colour wise.

This does vary between the clones but again there doesn’t seem to be any consistent colouration connection.

Top to bottom:
C1 five implants, two plugins
C2 four implants, two plugins
C3 three implants, four plugins
C4 three implants, two plugins
C5 four implants, one plugin
C6 five implants, two plugins

This is a much harder question to answer without giving away intel. five of the clones have similarities across implant levels, two of them have identical implants. Again though, there doesn’t seem to be a colouration correlation.

Maybe one of the tech people at CCP could help hear? @CCP_Aurora, could you pass this query to them, please?


Different Empires maybe?



Haven’t heard or read that one in a loooong time.

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I’m just gonna say it’s for flavor text and random. All of my clones are located in nullsec, alliance owned Citadels and they’re all various colors regardless of any factors I can see.

I like your thinking, but no. about half of them are located in one region with the remainder spread over two other regions, and there’s no colouration correlation.

What can I say? in RL I’m a graphic designer and I tend to use the proper names for shapes.

Having looked at the dictionary definition that you included in your post, for what it’s worth, I did actually consider using ‘rhombus’ rather than ‘lozenge’ but I thought that most people wouldn’t understand what I was talking about.

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Thanks for the reply @Scoots_Choco. The thing that I was thinking was that, like a lot of stuff in Eve, the programmers normally add in some hidden sense of meaning if they can, if for no other reason but fun. You’re right though, it could just be completely random.

That made me laugh. :smiley:

It indicates the Best Before date, of course. Gotta keep 'em fresh. Blue is simply unhealthy and needs to be podded asap. In Amarr that would be Purification by Balls of Fire.


(at 2 mins 10 seconds)


Uriel needs to go back to pitching free guides and giveaways :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently have an ongoing giveaway event, just sayin. :wink:

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I wondered this myself and I think its random. I have made many clones… implant or not the colors seem random. Distance - random. Make clones one after another and the color can be different so age is not a factor.

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